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By Coptic Solidarity –

Coptic Solidarity is pleased to report that Ramy Kamel has been freed from prison, after more than two extremely difficult years in solitary confinement, without trial. More details will be published shortly.

Coptic Solidarity  has been the leading advocate for Ramy Kamel since his initial arrest on November 23, 2019. We launched multiple grassroots advocacy campaigns, spearheaded individual and  joint letters to government officials of Egypt, the US, and the United Nations and submitted a reprisals report to the UN on his case. We engaged in constant quiet diplomacy for his release, and published numerous press release, updates, and videos.

Coptic Solidarity thanks all of our partners and supporters who participated in these initiates and helped keep his case visible. We wish Ramy & his family great joy in their reunion & as he starts the process of recovery.

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  • Nabil Abdelmalek

    Ramy Kamel has been released from prison after two years without prosecution! Yes, freedom has a price. However, violators are punishable with a heavier one they will duly pay. Freedom for Alaa Abdelfattah, Now.
    آخيرا، أُطلق سراح رامي كامل من السجن بعد عامين دون محاكمة! نعم، الحرية لها ثمن! ولكن تكلفة من ينتهكونها أعظم ولا مفر من دفعها على النحو الواجب. ألحرية لعلاء عبد الفتاح الآن .. ولكل سجناء الرأي، فالحرية لاتتجزأ.

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