Muslim mobs Attack Coptic Christians for ‘Sin’ of Opening a Church

By Raymond Ibrahim – Special for Coptic Solidarity – On the evening of June, 23, 2022, Muslim mobs attacked the homes of Coptic Christians, including by hurling stones through their [...]


Coptic Solidarity Mourns Victor Abdel-Shaheed

Coptic Solidarity’s President and Executive Committee mourn Mr. Victor Fouad Abdel Shaheed. A long-time advocate for Coptic rights, he was part of the first generation of the Coptic [...]


Muslim Man Tries to Slaughter Coptic Christian Woman with a Sickle

By Raymond Ibrahim – Special for Coptic Solidarity – A Muslim man attempted to slaughter a Coptic Christian woman with a sickle in the in the village of Sharona, Minya governorate, Egypt. [...]


Institutionalized Discrimination against Copts in Egypt: The Case of Diplomatic Corps

By Coptic Solidarity – Egypt currently has some 135 ambassadors on-post abroad, and about 20 consul-generals (with an administrative rank of ambassador). Over the past few weeks, we at [...]


Essential Focal Shift Needed: CS Annual Analysis of the State Department’s International Religious Freedom Report on Egypt

By Coptic Solidarity – The US Department of State released its Report on International Religious Freedom on June 2, 2022. This annual report examines the state of religious freedom in every [...]


Muslim Man Butchers Coptic Christian with a Meat Cleaver

By Raymond Ibrahim – for Coptic Solidarity – Another day has passed, and another Muslim man has murdered another Coptic Christian in Egypt. On Sunday, June 5, 2022—the same day Muslims [...]


Terrorism Was ‘Created by the West,’ Says Celebrated Muslim Authority

By Raymond Ibrahim – for Coptic Solidarity – A leading Muslim authority that so many Western leaders—Pope Francis being only the most famous—trust and listen to, has just proclaimed [...]


Coptic Solidarity Applauds Newly Appointed USCIRF Commissioners Frank R. Wolf and David G. Curry

By Coptic Solidarity – Christian Newswire For Immediate Release(Washington, DC) May 18, 2022 Coptic Solidarity applauds the appointment of Frank R. Wolf and David G. Curry by House Minority [...]


“Loyalty to Allah” and “Zeal” for Islam Prompted the Murder of a Coptic Christian man

By Raymond Ibrahim – Exclusive for Coptic Solidarity – The Muslim murderer of a Coptic Christian man in Egypt said he was moved to the act, not because he personally knew the Christian, but [...]


Coptic Solidarity Analysis of USCIRF 2022 Report

By Coptic Solidarity – On April 25, the US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) released its annual report which monitors the state of religious freedom during the [...]