Death for Apostates, Jail for Blasphemers !

By Raymond Ibrahim – for Coptic Solidarity – A Libyan court has sentenced a young man to death for “apostasy from Islam.”  According to the Libyan al-Jumhiriyah channel, the verdict [...]


The Tragic Story of ‘Baby Shenouda’

By Raymond Ibrahim – Special for Coptic Solidarity – Another tragic story surrounding a Christian household has just surfaced from Egypt. Four years ago, a Coptic priest heard cries emanating [...]


Eleven Coptic Churches “Catch Fire” Over Two Weeks

By Raymond Ibrahim – Special for Coptic Solidarity – Once again, only the proverbial tip of the iceberg of persecution Christians experience throughout the Muslim world is reaching the West: on [...]


Scores of Torched Coptic Churches: Why the Egyptian Government Is Responsible

By Raymond Ibrahim – Special for Coptic Solidarity – Yet another Coptic Christian church has been set aflame; and yet more Christians have been killed in Egypt.  On Sunday, [...]


More than 40 dead in a fire at a Coptic church in Cairo

By Coptic Solidarity – At least 41 people were killed in a fire that broke out today during Sunday prayers in a Cairo church, according to Coptic church spokesperson, while the Egyptian [...]


Petition to End Trafficking of Coptic Women & Minor Girls

Please sign this petition, urging your US Legislators to pressure Egypt to end the trafficking of Coptic women! Watch H.H. Pope Tawadros II Urge Egyptian Authorities to end the [...]


One More Minor Coptic Girl “Disappears”: When Will Egypt Do Something About Such Crimes?

By Coptic Solidarity – The minor Coptic girl Abigail Magdy Zakaria, 17 (born in May 2005), “disappeared” on Sunday Aug. 7, hours after she left home early to attend the 7:30 Sunday mass. Her [...]


Turkey-Backed Terrorists Bomb Hagia Sophia Church Replica

By Raymond Ibrahim – Special for Coptic Solidarity – An underreported but fatal terrorist attack on a symbolically important church recently took place in Syria. During an inauguration [...]


Egyptian Evangelical Leader Reverend Zaki Lobbying for el-Sisi Government in US

By Coptic Solidarity – Christian NewsWire –(Washington, DC) August 2, 2022 Coptic Solidarity has obtained documentation confirming that the head of Egypt’s Protestant [...]


Egyptian Evangelical Leader Rev. Zaki Lobbying for el-Sisi Gov. in U.S.

By Coptic Solidarity – Coptic Solidarity has obtained documentation confirming that the head of Egypt’s Protestant Churches, the Reverend Andrea Zaki Stephanous Killini, has been lobbying [...]