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Coptic Solidarity recently hosted an event in Washington, DC on October 20th, highlighting the situation of Egypt’s indigenous Copts. Due to the global pandemic, this was the first in -person event Coptic Solidarity has been able to host in three years, and an update is critical. Below, are listed the various speeches, discussions, and panelist presentations to make it easier to watch the portions of this event that are of greatest interest each individual.

Introductory Remarks – Coptic Solidarity president, Mrs. Caroline Doss JD. (6 minutes)

Video: The Indigenous Copts: Marginalized & Excluded in their Homeland (4 minutes)

This video highlights just a few of the numerous violent crimes committed against Copts in recent times. We also included key statistics demonstrating that discrimination and persecution of Copts is systematically realized by the Egyptian government, contrary to their many positive claims of improvement.

Video: Remarks by Commissioner Mohamed Magid – US Commission on International Religious Freedom (5 minutes)
He opted to give an extemporaneous speech, having a close personal connection to Copts. Commissioner Magid also submitted these official remarks for publication.

Video: Panel Discussion on Blasphemy Laws in Egypt (68 minutes)
Moderator: Mr. Raymond Ibrahim – Author & public speaker specializing in the Middle East and Islam
Ambassador Albert M. Fernandez – Vice President, Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI)
Mr. Sean Nelson, JD. – Legal Counsel, Global Religious Freedom, ADF International
Brother Rachid – Christian Apologist and human rights activists, originally from Morocco and convert from Islam

Video: Discussion: Egypt’s Need for a Unified Houses of Worship Law  (42 minutes)
Moderator: Mrs. Lindsay Rodriguez – Director of Development & Advocacy, Coptic Solidarity
Participant: Ms. Amy Hawthorne – Deputy Director for Research, Project on Middle East Democracy
Participant: Ms. Hulda Fahmi – Communications Associate, Jubilee Campaign

Video: Discussion: Trafficking of Coptic Women & Minor Girls in Egypt (36 minutes)
Moderator: Mrs. Lindsay Rodriguez – Director of Development & Advocacy, Coptic Solidarity
Participant: Mr. Piero Tozzi Esq. – Republican Staff Director, Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission U.S. Congress – Rep. Christopher H. Smith (R-NJ), Co-Chair
Participant: Mrs. Caroline Doss, JD. – President, Coptic Solidarity

Below is a video compilation from Members of the US Congress. Please note, despite some members calling the event by a different title, the videos were recorded specifically for Coptic Solidarity’s October 20th program.

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