141 Athletes Represent Egypt in the Tokyo Olympics. One of them is a Copt.

By Coptic Solidarity – Standard News Wire Egypt’s delegation to the 2020 Olympics includes a single Copt out of 141 athletes. The delegation, which includes 37 women, will compete in 27 [...]


Egypt Maintains Discriminatory Practices Against Coptic Athletes Amidst Olympic Publicity

By Coptic Solidarity – The Olympics is a time for sport and fraternity to be celebrated globally, yet when Egypt’s national football team plays their first Tokyo 2021 game today against [...]

Statement by Counselor Hisham Rashid Heikal

By Counselor Hisham Rashid Heikal to Coptic Solidarity – Editor’s Note: Coptic Solidarity recently published an article titled Hisham Heikal: Counselor Facing Punitive Measures by [...]


Coptic Solidarity Urges EFA Sponsors to Stop Supporting Discrimination

By Coptic Solidarity – Standard Newswire Coptic Solidarity (CS) strongly urges all corporate sponsors of the Egyptian Football Association (EFA) and the Premier League to end their [...]


Saviour or dictator: Copts in Sisi’s Egypt trapped by a strongman’s balancing act

By Charlie Hoyle – The New Arab In the Coptic Cathedral of the Nativity, on the eastern edges of Cairo, security was tight as President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi reiterated his longstanding [...]


Visiting Egypt to Promote Religious Freedom: A 101 Primer

By Coptic Solidarity –  Conventional wisdom teaches that it is important to visit a country like Egypt to understand the dynamics of discrimination and religious persecution. Thus, Egypt is [...]


FIFA’s Selective Stance Against Discrimination Within Member Organizations

By Coptic Solidarity – The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) has taken a strong public stance against discrimination within football through their rhetoric, governing [...]


10th Annual Conference: Panel – Reducing Institutionalized Discrimination in Egypt

Video of a panel discussion titled Reducing Institutionalized Discrimination in Egypt, which took place during Coptic Solidarity’s 10th Annual Conference on June 20, 2019, at the National [...]


Coptic Solidarity Urges FIFA and the Egyptian Football Association to End Discrimination Against Coptic Athletes

By Coptic Solidarity – Christian News Wire For Immediate Release (Washington, DC) September 9, 2019 Today, Coptic Solidarity (CS) launched a new advocacy campaign by which individuals [...]


Systematic Discrimination: Christians Under Egyptian Rule

By Raymond Ibrahim – FrontPage Magazine – Coptic Solidarity (CS), an international human rights organization devoted to ameliorating the plight of Egypt’s indigenous inhabitants—the [...]