Islamic Apologias: Straining at Gnats while Swallowing Camels

By Raymond Ibrahim – Special for CS – An Arabic-language video recently appeared of a Muslim cleric in Egypt addressing how terrorists misuse Islamic scriptures to justifying killing [...]


Advocacy Campaign in Support of H. RES. 49

By Coptic Solidarity –  Dear Friends, We need your help us make true progress for our Coptic brothers and sisters in Egypt. Rep. French Hill (R – AR) is a true champion for Copts, and has [...]


Coptic Solidarity Commends Resolution Introduced by Rep. French Hill for Coptic Equality

By Coptic Solidarity – PR Web Rep. French Hill (R – AR) introduced a resolution, H.Res.49, expressing support for Coptic Christians and religious liberty in Egypt with co-lead Rep. David [...]


How Will We Achieve Equality for Egypt’s Coptic Christians?

By Coptic Solidarity – Dear Supporters, Last week I wrote to you, sharing Coptic Solidarity’s key accomplishments in 2018. I am so grateful for the donations of our friends and supporters [...]


Christian Children Face the Dark Realities of Persecution

By Claire Evans – International Christian Concern “Why does God let these people kill innocent people?” Mariam is only 11 years old, but her question was long expected by her parents. Her [...]


Egypt looks to remove religion from ID cards — but is it too little, too late?

Shahira Amin – Al-Monitor – Legislator Ismail Nasreddin has announced plans to submit a bill to Egypt’s parliament that would remove religious affiliation from national ID [...]


Question in the UK House of Lords: Asia Bibi case raised along with aid to Pakistan

By Lord David Alton- Pakistan receives an average of £383,000 in British taxpayers’ money each and every single day – £2.8 billion over 20 years. raised with Ministers on the floor of the House. [...]


We Need Our Own Book Publishing Press

By Marianne Melleka Boules – Coptic Voice How lack of representation in the literary industry is hurting the Coptic community, and what we can do to take matters into our own hands What I’m [...]


Violence against Copts: Ten Defining Aspects

By Magdi Khalil –  Violence against Copts in Egypt is a serious phenomenon expressed through an extended series of barbaric attacks on a peaceful minority. The beginning of this phenomenon [...]


Advocating for the Voiceless

By Lindsay Griffin –  I get a lot of blank stares when asked what I do. For starters, many Americans have never heard of Copts. I’m certain some initially think I’m talking about cops or [...]