Will Egypt’s Sectarian Tensions and Discrimination Against Christians Come to an End?

By Egyptian Streets – “My family and I stopped going to church because they would frequently get attacked, and the one we would normally go to [Saint Mary Church in Ard El Golf] was just recently [...]


Promoting Islam To Visitors During World Cup in Qatar

By MEMRI – On October 6, 2022, writer Salwa Al-Mulla published an article in the Qatari-daily Al-Sharq in which she offered suggestions for Qatari authorities to consider on how [...]


والدة الطفل شنودة تصرخ: ليه الحكومة مش سامعه لكل أصوات الناس؟

وطني ـ جددت السيدة أمال صرختها للمطالبة برؤية طفلها «شنودة» الذي حرمت منه، منذ إيداعه بدار الإيواء في فبراير الماضي، وذلك برغم كافة الحملات الاعلامية والشعبة التي دعمت حقها ورفعت صوتها، إلا أنه [...]


Wadi El Natrun: A cradle of Christian monasticism

By Daniel Esparza – Aleteia – The Valley of Natron, known as Scetis in Christian literature, is one of the three early Christian monastic centers. Wadi El Natrun is a desert depression in [...]


UN Assy. elects China, Cuba , Eritrea, Sudan.. as new human rights guardians

By John J. Metzler – WorldTribune – The UN General Assembly just concluded its election for fourteen new members in the Human Rights Council.  Delegates have chosen a conclave of [...]


Iranians Have Had Enough of Theocracy

By Masih Alinejad – Foreign Affairs – The Beginning of the End of the Islamic Republic? The current protests in Iran sound the death knell of the Islamic Republic. The killing in [...]


U.S. withholds $205 million of military aid to Egypt

By POMED – The Biden administration ultimately did not provide $205 million of military aid to Egypt conditioned on human rights improvements this year, Reuters reported today, [...]


اختفاء فتاة قاصر بمنشية ناصر، وأسرتها تناشد الرئيس لعودتها

وطني ـ وسط صراخ الأم ودموع أشقائها الأطفال، وصدمة الأب المسكين، ومساندة الجيران، تواصلت الاستغاثات لكشف مصير فتاة قبطية قاصر تدعى «ماري شنودة مرزوق»، 15 عاما، التي تعيش بمنطقة الزرايب بمنشية ناصر [...]


Coptic Solidarity Hosts DC Event, The Indigenous Copts: Marginalized & Excluded in their Homeland

By Coptic Solidarity on Standard Newswire –(Washington, DC) October 17, 2022 Coptic Solidarity will be hosting an event in Washington, DC on October 20th, titled The Indigenous Copts: [...]


Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs talks Egypt-US relations

By Mada Masr – When United States Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Barbara Leaf sat down with Mada Masr for an interview on October 13 during her visit to Cairo, the [...]

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