How St. Anthony of Egypt defeated the devil

By Philip Kosloski – Aleteia – He lived in solitude in the desert, but he wasn’t alone. St. Anthony the Abbot (251 -356; also called St. Anthony of Egypt or St. Anthony the [...]


Seven months on legalisation of 23rd batch of churches: 24th batch approved

By Youssef Sidhom – Watani – The Egyptian folk saying goes: “Oh God who eases difficulties! The bigger portion has been accomplished … what remains is less”. I am talking about the churches and [...]


Turkey’s Latest Genocidal Campaign Against Christians, Kurds & Yazidis

by Raymond Ibrahim – The Stream – MEF – Many in the West heard of the severe atrocities the jihadists of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) committed against the [...]


Why God Became a Baby

By Robert Barron – WSJ – Intimidation doesn’t bring peace and joy. Infants do. There’s something about a baby. If introduced into a crowded room, everyone will want a glimpse. Conversations [...]


In Hoc Anno Domini

By The Wall Street Journal – This editorial was written in 1949 by the late Vermont Royster and has been published annually since. When Saul of Tarsus set out on his journey to Damascus the whole [...]


Qatari Islamization of the World Cup Backfires

By Hany Ghoraba – IPT News- While fans will remember the 22nd World Cup as one of the best final matches in tournament history, the games also will be remembered as the most controversial. [...]


Why Iran’s Protests Could Topple the Regime

By Reuel Marc Gerecht and Ray Takeyh – WSJ- The country has a rich history of political dissent that has brought it to the edge of revolution. Reports of the demise of Iran’s [...]


ECOSOC: States must end unjustified barriers to 9 civil society groups in upcoming vote

By Maithili Pai -ISHR – On Wednesday 7 December, ECOSOC Member States will be asked to vote on the accreditation of 9 NGOs that have been arbitrarily blocked from UN participation, [...]


In Iran, it’s Old Recipes From the Devil’s Kitchen

By Amir Taheri – Gatestone Institute – By the time of this writing, we had the names of 385 protesters killed, including 40 women and 32 children, and 7 security men. A further 12,500 [...]


Why the number of Christians living in the Middle East is in decline but Christianity itself is not

by Anba Angaelos – The Tablet – What is undeniable is the positive and proactive impact of Christian communities in the region. Whenever we hear about the Middle East, and in [...]