A Poem: Glorious Martyrdom

By Saba E. Demian, M.D. Written in 2015 Open wide ye gates of heaven Ascend they on the Savior’s cross The laurels await to be given A gain of glory not a loss Their blood shed, stained the sand [...]


Coptic Team Sports Inhibited in Egypt

Opinion submitted by Saba E. Demian, M.D This is part of the suppression/oppression by the State and cronies to cancel Christianity from Egypt. The most popular game in the world is Football, aka [...]


What Islamists and ‘Wokeists’ Have in Common

By Ayaan Hirsi Ali – Wall Street Journal – Adherents of both pursue ideological purity, refuse to engage in debate and demand submission. There were many American heroes on 9/11, but [...]


Black Christian Lives Apparently Do Not Matter

By Giulio Meotti – Gatestone Institute – In Nigeria, over the past 20 years, 100,000 Christians have been killed…. Nigeria is becoming the “biggest killing ground of [...]


It’s official: In Egypt, you can now get 15 years in jail for a tweet

By Elisa Massimino and Neil Hicks – The Washington Post In the six years since Abdel Fatah al-Sissi assumed the presidency in Egypt, the country has devolved into the deepest human [...]


“Raymond Ibrahim on the Bottom-Up Oppression of Egypt’s Christians”

By Gary C. Gambill – Middle East Forum “Raymond Ibrahim on the Bottom-Up Oppression of Egypt’s Christians,” a summary of my recent Middle East Forum webinar by Gary C. Gambill, [...]


A Sword Over the Nile: A Brief History of the Copts Under Islamic Rule, by Adel Guindy – a timely and authoritative account of the story of the Copts. It deserves to be widely read.

By Lord David Alton of Liverpool – With Egypt’s Copts targeted as part of a bloody and systematic campaign of genocide against the ancient churches of the Middle East, Adel Guindy has [...]


The Ignored Genocide of Christians in Nigeria

by Raymond Ibrahim – Gatestone Institute – Earlier this year… [Boko Haram] released a video of a masked Muslim child holding a pistol behind a bound and kneeling Christian [...]


What about those descended from millions of white Europeans enslaved by Arabs?

By Alexander Maistrovoy – World Tribune – Arabs, Turks and Africans must kneel begging the Europeans to forgive them for their atrocities in the very recent past. In late June, [...]


Book Review: A Sword Over the Nile

By Saba E. Demian, M.D. Sword over the Nile is as much a reference as it is a book. It is amply annotated, referenced, cross-referenced, as any historical document need be. This scientific [...]