About Us

Learn about the Coptic people and their plight.

Who is Coptic Solidarity?
  • Coptic Solidarity is an international non-profit organization, dedicated to advocating equal citizenship rights for the indigenous Coptic Christians of Egypt.
  • Our organization is rigorously independent, member-based, and is fully funded by our members and supporters. Our finances are continuously monitored to ensure impeccable standards are being kept.
  • We have affiliated organizations in the US and other parts of the world (currently in Canada, and France). We continue to expand our reach through building alliances and collaborating with like-minded organizations who can help us achieve our mission.
  • In November 2022, we finally received official ECOSOC accreditation with the United Nations, opening a multitude of new opportunities to peruse our mission.

What We Do


  • We are a watchdog, monitoring and reporting on events and policies that impact Coptic Christians in Egypt. We help increase awareness of the situation of Copts in Egypt and solicit the support of international public opinion and policy makers to hold Egyptian authorities accountable.
  • We promote positive developments in Egypt such as secularized governance, equality, liberty, and a constitution not based on Sharia law as the current one is, according to Article 2.

To do this, we:

  • Host an annual conference in Washington, D.C. which is the leading event on Coptic affairs,
  • Issue reports, write annual analyses of the State Department and USCIRF reports on religious freedom in Egypt, issue press releases, conduct media interviews, and send out newsletters,
  • and launch multi-media advocacy campaigns, rallies and demonstrations; and,
  • Share updates on various social media platforms;