The Indigenous Copts: Marginalized & Excluded in their Homeland

Coptic Solidarity recently hosted an event in Washington, DC on October 20th, highlighting the situation of Egypt’s indigenous Copts. Due to the global pandemic, this was the first in [...]


Muslim Man Butchers Coptic Christian Mother and Child

By Raymond Ibrahim – Special for CS – A Muslim man butchered a Coptic Christian woman and her toddler son with a machete—“as if he were slaughtering chickens,” said eyewitnesses.  He also [...]


Policeman Sentenced to Death for Killing Two Copts in Minya

By Nader Shukry – Watani – Minya Criminal Court last week handed a death sentence to the policeman Rabie Mustafa Khalifa for shooting to death two Copts in the city of Minya some [...]


Video Footage: Policeman Kills Copts Outside Church He Was Gaurding

 Warning: Graphic Footage – some viewers may find disturbing ______________________


Hundreds of Egyptian Christians protest at police killing

By Reuters – Hundreds of Coptic Christians on Thursday attended the burial of a father and his son who were killed by a police officer in Egypt’s Minya province, amid cries for the state to [...]


ISIS Claims Credit for Attack that Kills Christians in Egypt

By The New York Times – Declan Walsh and Mohamed Ezz Islamist gunmen killed at least seven Coptic Christian pilgrims in Egypt on Friday and wounded at least 16 in an attack later claimed by [...]


Coptic Christians Deprived of Home Worship Hall in Egypt

By Morning Star News –  Nearly a year after declaring that attacks on Christians had hit a level not seen in decades, a Coptic Orthodox bishop in Egypt continues to lament a stream of [...]


EIPR condemns the pressure exerted on ‘Dimshaw’ Copts to accept customary reconciliation And demands the trial of the attackers, compensating the victims and building a church in the village

By Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights – The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) condemns the pressure exerted by state authorities on the affected Copts in the village of [...]


Authorities discontinue investigation of 2 Copts killed at Giza liquor shop

By Egypt Independent  –  Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm Giza Prosecution office on Sunday has ended investigations of the murder of two Copts at liquor shop in al-Omraniya during [...]


Egypt: Copts attacked after Facebook post showing ‘contempt of Islam’

By WorldWatch Monitor –  An attack by a Muslim mob on Copts in a village in the Egyptian governorate of Minya on Monday (9 July) has left the Coptic community holed up in their houses, [...]