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On December 26, Mira Youssef Gohar left her home in the village of Azizia, Al-Ghanayem district, in Assiut, to buy Christmas clothes. As it is the habit in the villages, she went to the nearest city, Assiut, to do her shopping. When she was done, she headed to the transport station to get a car or microbus ride back home. She was on the phone with her sister saying “I’m at the parking lot, waiting for a car,” but minutes after the call, her phone turned off, and Mira never returned to her home..

Her sister, Dina, said that Mira, 24, has a bachelor’s degree in commerce and works in the nursery of the Virgin’s Church in their village. Dina described her sister as a simple and lovable person who has no dealings with social media, and like every year she just went to buy Eid clothes.

She added, “We went to lodge a police report on incident, No. 2945, administrative Ghanayem, and also contacted Anba Youannis, Bishop of Assiut, but so far the security services have not told us any details to reveal the mystery of this disappearance.

Dina added that her parents are in a difficult situation, and the Nativity holiday (coming on Jan. 7) has turned into sadness, waiting to know the fate of their sister and his return.

The family was appealing to President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi and the Minister of Interior to intervene to reveal the fate of Mira to determine what she’s been through.


On Jan. 4, it was reported that the young woman “was returned by the Security Organs” to her family. No further information was provided.


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