About Us

Learn about the Coptic people and their plight.

Who are the Copts?

  • Copts are over 10 million strong and loyal citizens of Egypt for over two millennia.
  • Copts are the largest Christian and largest non-Muslim community in the Middle East.
  • Copts are proud of our land that protected a young Jesus and Holy Family and fostered the growth of the Church from its earliest days.
  • Copts are blessed by the Lord, who declared “Blessed be Egypt, my people” – Isaiah 19:25
  • Copts have been persecuted with the earliest followers of Christ and have seen many hostile rulers come and go, from the Greeks and Romans to the Turks and Arabs, but have always remained rooted in our faith and in our nation.
  • Now, in age where much of the world lives in an era of enlightenment, our very existence is threatened by an evil force of Islamists for whom Copts stand in the frontline of their ambition for world domination.
  • An Egypt without Copts would be a Christianity without one of its pillars, and an Egypt and Middle East sacrificing one of its most progressive and positive communities.
  • Help us safeguard our livelihoods and obtain the rights of our fellow citizens to make for a more just, more modern, and more peaceful Egypt and world!