How a Fiercely Christian Nation Became Fanatically Islamic

By Raymond Ibrahim – American Thinker One of the benefits of Adel Guindy’s new book, A Sword Over the Nile: A Brief History of the Copts Under Islamic Rule, is that it implicitly [...]


Egypt: Elderly Coptic Woman Stripped Naked and Beaten Denied Justice – Again

By Raymond Ibrahim – Exclusive for Coptic Solidarity Once again, the Egyptian court system seems committed to denying justice to Egypt’s Coptic Christian minority.  For the second time in a [...]


A Sword Over the Nile: A Brief History of the Copts Under Islamic Rule, by Adel Guindy – a timely and authoritative account of the story of the Copts. It deserves to be widely read.

By Lord David Alton of Liverpool – With Egypt’s Copts targeted as part of a bloody and systematic campaign of genocide against the ancient churches of the Middle East, Adel Guindy has [...]


Book Review: A Sword Over the Nile

By Saba E. Demian, M.D. Sword over the Nile is as much a reference as it is a book. It is amply annotated, referenced, cross-referenced, as any historical document need be. This scientific [...]


A Sword Over the Nile: New Book Exposes 14 Centuries of Christian Persecution

By Raymond Ibrahim – The American Thinker – February 2015 was the first time many in the West had heard of the Copts, Egypt’s indigenous, Christian inhabitants.  Then the [...]


A SWORD OVER THE NILE: Table of Content

By Adel GuindyA Sword Over the Nile: A Brief History of the Copts Under Islamic Rule Copyright © Adel Guindy (2020) Table of Content Foreword – by Raymond [...]


Coptic Solidarity Applauds Publication of a Key Book on Copts’ History

By Coptic Solidarity – Christian News Wire July 14, 2020 Coptic Solidarity congratulates its cofounder and first president (2010 – 2015), Mr. Adel Guindy, on the recent publication of his [...]


Egypt’s ‘Hippocratic Oath’ Could Force Christian Doctors to Unintentionally Become Muslim

By Raymond Ibrahim – PJ Media –  “Egypt’s version of the Hippocratic Oath, which all of the nation’s doctors — both Muslim and Christian — are required to take, contains [...]


Report details scope of persecution in the cradle of Christianity

By Sean Savage – JNS.org – While Christianity traces its birthplace to the Middle East, that region has been arguably the most hostile area for the religion in recent years. A new [...]


Despite setbacks for Islamic State, Egypt’s Coptic Christians remain at risk

By Sean Savage – JNS – As the Islamic State terror group faces setbacks in Syria and Iraq, its affiliate in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula has turned its sights on the region’s small Coptic [...]

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