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By Coptic Solidarity – 

Egypt’s version of the Hippocratic Oath, which all of the nation’s doctors—both Muslim and Christian—are required to take, contains wording that is not unlike the Islamic confession of faith, Coptic Solidarity has learned.

The problematic section comes at the very end, where the oath-takers recite “Allah and his Prophet.”

Whereas most Copts have no difficulty acknowledging “Allah”—which is just Arabic for “God”—“his Prophet” is more problematic, as it is an acknowledgement that Muhammad is indeed the prophet of God.  Any Coptic physician publicly reciting this oath places his or her religious identity in danger, as this would represent an implicit conversion to Islam.

This month, however, Dr. Hala Ziyad, Egypt’s Minister of Health, newly appointed by President Sisi, issued a decree that requires doctors in all health establishments (hospitals, clinics, etc.) to recite the oath on a daily basis, so that all hospitalized Egyptians hear it.

Photo Credit: Hearst Papyrus – The Medical Papyri

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  • ronyvo

    Nothing changed. The Copts are under severe Islamic genocide from the date of the Islamic invasion of Egypt, for over 1400 years. I keep hearing from the naïve Copts that El-Sisi is good to the Copts. HE IS NOT. He goes to the Cathedral at Christmas time and tell the Copts “I love you”, typical Islamic hypocrisy. God (not allah) help us.

  • ronyvo

    This is not only hypocrisy, it is deception (takyya) which is not only allowed in Islam, but encouraged for the good of Islam.

    My father used to tell us ‘not ever submit to Muslims who ask you to say this satanic shahada, because once you utter it you become Muslim, and if you deny it you will be killed for apostacy.

    After 9/11 (9/12/2001) I was extremely angry. I took personally. I left my beloved Egypt for them and now they are following me here!!

    So, I sat at my computer for 10*12 hours a day tying to explain the TRUTH about this diabolical cult My first essays were copying and posting surahs from the evil Koran and an explanation about their Allah and our God the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Of course, I was called all names in the book from both Muslims and non-Muslims. I have been threatened with bodily harm if I don’t stop. The irony is I have never used slurs or posted any attacks. But, this is Islam as you would know now.

    As a result of the replies, comments and attacks, I’ve made extensive researches and collected about 20 articles or essays of a wide different subjects.
    One of them was Allah is not our God.

    Our God and allah
    Some people think that the Muslim’s god (allah) and our (the Christians) God are the same.
    This is, definitely, NOT TRUE.
    Muslim advocates in the West are trying very hard to justify the legitimateness of Islam as a peaceful ‘religion’, especially after 9/11/01.
    Out of desperation they use lies (deception) and double talk, which is allowed in Islam, al taqiya.
    They use money, sex, race and terror (fear) to lure Americans to Islam, or at least get their sympathy.
    Their god (Allah) is a god of hate. He instructs and encourages them to instill terror in the heart of non-Muslims and kill them (Surah 8:13-17 & many others). The Koran is full with “fight” and ”kill”.
    One must acknowledge that Allah is not in harmony with our God.

    Before Mohammad ’cleansed’ the Kabba of many idols, it was in fact a pagan temple dedicated by Hindus (although they weren’t called Hindus yet). The tribe of Mohammad followed a primary idol known as Durga, the moon god Al-llat who was represented by the crescent moon to the Arabs and the Hindus. Even before Mohammad claimed prophetic visions he wanted to be a Hebrew (obviously people he admired for their intelligence and beauty) and so he began emulating the Hebrews and their monotheism, but the Jews could not accept him.
    Mohammad became angry with the Jews and Christians and began having his visions of his own god in his own way.
    God ceased to be called Ar-Rhaman and Mohammad began using the word
    Al-Llah to describe his god. This was never the Christian or Hebrew Yahweh (Elohei Avraham the (God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob), but the pagan Arab-Hindu Al-Lat of the Qurashi tribe. (Al meant ‘the’ and ilah meant ‘goddess’, not God.

    Jesus taught, “Love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you and persecute you.” Math 5:44
    Ironically, they call the Christians INFIDELS because they believe (ignorantly) that Christians worship 3 gods (the Holy Trinity). Mohammad fails to understand monotheism. However, it is not enough to say there is only one God if you point at the wrong God.
    The Muslims however, give Mohammad an equal position as Allah if not more importance.
    In order to be a Muslim you have to say the shehada “there is no god but Allah, and Mohammad is his messenger”. If one cite the first part only, he cannot be a Muslim, he must cite the second part pertaining Mohammad.
    Christians’ God, the Lord Jesus Christ is a God of love, peace and mercy.
    Jesus forbade his followers from using the sword (Mathew 26:52).
    When He was on earth He cured the sick healed the blind. Mohammad didn’t.
    Jesus came to save lives (Luke 9:56). Mohammed came to destroy lives (Surah 48:16….).
    There is much more to be said to prove that our God has nothing to do with Allah.
    No way those 2 Gods are the same. Allah, the crescent moon, is one of the 360 gods, al ellat (the most popular), used to be worshiped by the Arabs, which Mohammad chose to avoid the tribes resentment.

    Besides; Jesus (Whom the Koran claims that He is a prophet) warned:
    “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. BY THEIR FRUIT YOU WILL RECOGNISE THEM” Mat. 7:15-16.
    “..and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people” Mat. 24:11

    Even Abraham of the Bible is not Abraham of the Koran:
    a) The Bible says that Abraham’s father’s name was Terah, but the Koran says Azar (Surah6:74).
    b) Isaac was the one to be sacrificed not Ishmael (surah 37:100)
    c) He had eight sons not just two as the Koran claims.
    d) He had 3 wives and not 2.
    e) He did not live and worshiped in the valley of Mecca (surah 14:37) but in Hebron.
    f) He did not build the Kabah. The Kabah was not built by Adam and then rebuilt by Abraham. It was built by the pagans to worship a black rock which fell out of the sky.
    g) Nimrod did not throw Abraham into fire (surah 21:68.69 & 9:69).Nimrod lived many centuries before Abraham.

    Conclusion: Christianity and Islam has NOTHING to do with each other

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