Jihad of the Womb: The Rampant Islamist Abductions of Egyptian Coptic Christian Women

By Rod Lampard – Caldron Pool It’s stating the obvious to say that the persecution of Christians isn’t taken seriously by elites and the general public in the West. The persecution of [...]


‘Jihad of the Womb:’ Trafficking of Coptic Women & Girls in Egypt

By Shalom World News


Egyptian TV host sparks controversy after saying there is ‘devil’ in unveiled women

By Marwa Al-A’sar – Al-Monitor Recent remarks by a well-known Egyptian TV presenter on women’s Islamic headgear have stirred up a heated debate between secular and ultraconservative [...]


‘Jihad of the Womb’: Report Exposes Systemic Abduction of Christian Girls in Egypt

By Steve Warren – CBN News A Christian watchdog group has shined the spotlight on the widespread practice of abduction and trafficking of Coptic Christian women and girls in Egypt and how [...]


Report: Girls are missing, and police aren’t batting an eye

By One News Now An advocate for the Copts says police are no help to the Christian women in Egypt who are targeted by Muslim men. Persecution of Coptic Christians is a normal way of life and has [...]


Acting Brotherhood General Guide’s Arrest a Major Blow to the Group

By Hany Ghoraba – Special to IPT News Egypt’s arrest of a long-sought Muslim Brotherhood leader Aug. 28 is sure to create new challenges for the Islamist group. Acting General [...]


Group: Egypt arrests 2 journalists, one sick with COVID-19

By Associated Press Egyptian security forces have arrested two journalists, including one sick with COVID-19, the latest step in a sweeping crackdown on news media during the pandemic, an [...]


“Raymond Ibrahim on the Bottom-Up Oppression of Egypt’s Christians”

By Gary C. Gambill – Middle East Forum “Raymond Ibrahim on the Bottom-Up Oppression of Egypt’s Christians,” a summary of my recent Middle East Forum webinar by Gary C. Gambill, [...]


Coptic Christian Family Ordered to Sell Home and Leave Village

By Raymond Ibrahim – Exclusive to Coptic Solidarity – An Egyptian government-appointed village mayor has just ruled that a Christian family must sell its home and leave their village, [...]


Beni Suef: Discovering Upper Egypt’s Hidden Gems

By Egyptian Streets – When people think of Upper Egypt, what often comes to mind is rural life, poverty, background cultural traditions, and more negative misconceptions that does not [...]