Coptic Solidarity Participates in UNGA78 Parallel Event to Protect the Girl Child

By Coptic Solidarity – Coptic Solidarity president, Caroline Doss Esq., will be participating at an event in New York City this Friday, October 13th titled : Protect the Girl Child: Combat [...]


Egypt’s Islamized ‘Hippocratic Oath’ Could Force Christian Doctors to Unintentionally Become Muslim

By Raymond Ibrahim – PJ Media –  “Egypt’s version of the Hippocratic Oath, which all of the nation’s doctors — both Muslim and Christian — are required to [...]


Egypt’s Islamized ‘Hippocratic Oath’

By Coptic Solidarity –  Egypt’s version of the Hippocratic Oath, which all of the nation’s doctors—both Muslim and Christian—are required to take, contains wording that is not unlike the [...]


Yazidis Face Forced Conversion to Islam Amid Fresh Persecution in Afrin

By Patrick Cockburn – The Independent –  The Yazidis, who were recently the target of massacre, rape and sex slavery by Isis, are now facing forcible conversion to Islam under the [...]


The Forced Conversion of Christians in Gaza

By Raymond Ibrahim – Exclusive for Coptic Solidarity – The plight of Christian living in Gaza under the Palestinian authority continues to worsen. According to a new Arabic language [...]