Rami Malek’s Success Sparks Identity Debate Amongst Copts, Egyptians, and Arabs

By Coptic Solidarity – Coptic Solidarity congratulates actor Rami Malek on winning the coveted Best Actor award at the 91st Academy Awards for his performance in the film Bohemian Rhapsody. [...]


La comunitat copta, fora de joc a Egipte

By Marc Español – Directa –  Era jornada de proves al camp de futbol del club egipci Petrojet, establert a la ciutat portuària de Suez. Mina Samir, un jove de 17 anys, evoca aquell [...]


Egypt’s Islamized ‘Hippocratic Oath’

By Coptic Solidarity –  Egypt’s version of the Hippocratic Oath, which all of the nation’s doctors—both Muslim and Christian—are required to take, contains wording that is not unlike the [...]


Halls of Power

By Jonathan Adly – 9th Annual Conference Guest Speaker Session: ‘Our Responsibility Towards our Family in Egypt: Engaging Young Copts in the Diaspora’   As I walked in through our Capital’s [...]


Restrictions on the Copts of Egypt

Op-ed By Saba E. Demian – Copts refers to the Christian Orthodox Egyptians and members of this branch of Orthodox Christianity around the world. A lot may be known globally about the Copts [...]


Egypt’s Christians Suffering from “Very High Persecution”

By Raymond Ibrahim – Exclusive for Coptic Solidarity – For another consecutive year in a row, Egypt proves to be an inhospitable place for Christians, namely its most indigenous [...]


Egypt’s Rights groups: No alternative but to repeal new association law, revision pointless

By Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies – Marking one year since the Egyptian Parliament’s November 2016 approval of Law 70/2017 regulating civic associations, issued by President Abd [...]



By Youssef Sidhom – Watani – Either there is a deliberate intention to drag Egypt into a series of problems that concern churches and the right of Copts to worship; or there is [...]


Egyptian TV Host Says Jihadi Attacks On Churches Are ‘OK,’ But Not On Mosques

By Joshua Gill – The Daily Caller An Egyptian TV host went off script Friday, saying that it was justifiable for jihadis to attack churches, but not for them to attack mosques. The Sada [...]


Copts in Egyptian history textbooks (Part 2): Issues today and hidden gems from earlier textbooks

By Ehaab Abdou – MadaMasr – (Part 1) – Before delving into a wider analysis of Egypt’s high school history textbooks, it is important to acknowledge that those from the past two [...]