Coptic Solidarity Hosts DC Event, The Indigenous Copts: Marginalized & Excluded in their Homeland

By Coptic Solidarity on Standard Newswire –(Washington, DC) October 17, 2022 Coptic Solidarity will be hosting an event in Washington, DC on October 20th, titled The Indigenous Copts: [...]


Egyptian Evangelical Leader Reverend Zaki Lobbying for el-Sisi Government in US

By Coptic Solidarity – Christian NewsWire –(Washington, DC) August 2, 2022 Coptic Solidarity has obtained documentation confirming that the head of Egypt’s Protestant [...]


Essential Focal Shift Needed: CS Annual Analysis of the State Department’s International Religious Freedom Report on Egypt

By Coptic Solidarity – The US Department of State released its Report on International Religious Freedom on June 2, 2022. This annual report examines the state of religious freedom in every [...]


Coptic Solidarity Analysis of USCIRF 2022 Report

By Coptic Solidarity – On April 25, the US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) released its annual report which monitors the state of religious freedom during the [...]


Video Message from US Representative French Hill

US Representative French Hill (R-AR) recorded this video message for Coptic Solidarity’s virtual event Unmasking Egypt’s Political Propaganda Toward Coptic Christians hosted on June 23, 2021.


Event: Unmasking Egypt’s Political Propaganda Toward Coptic Christians

By Coptic Solidarity – Coptic Solidarity is hosting an virtual online event on June 23, 2:00 – 5:00 PM titled Unmasking Egypt’s Political Propaganda Toward Coptic Christians. [...]

Coptic Solidarity Analysis of State Department’s 2021 IRF Report: Hidden Realities of Religious Discrimination in Egypt

By Coptic Solidarity – [...]


Amid human rights and foreign policy concerns, Egypt scrambling to reinforce US ties under Biden

By Ehsan Salah and Sharif Abdel Kouddous – Mada Masr In the weeks leading up the US presidential elections in November and through Joe Biden’s victory at the polls, officials in Egypt’s [...]


IRF Roundtable High Level letter to President Biden and his Administration

By International Religious Freedom Roundtable Coptic Solidarity was a signatory to this letter which the IRF Roundtable sent to then President Elect Biden and members of President-elect [...]


Egypt assembles bipartisan powerhouse lobbying team for post-Trump era

By Julian Pecquet – ForeignLobby.com – The Egyptian government has wasted no time preparing for the post-Donald Trump era, assembling a bipartisan powerhouse lobbying team that [...]