Qatar Celebrates Erdogan’s Electoral Win: “A Victory For The Ottoman Empire”

By MEMRI – It’s A Victory For The Ottoman Empire And For The Islamic Orientation, And A Defeat For Secularism, Supported By The U.S. And The West. Marvelously, Erdogan’s Victory [...]


السيسي يشهد اختبارات المتقدمين لوظائف وزارة التربية والتعليم، مع وزير الدفاع ومدير الأكاديمية العسكرية

الأهرام ـ شهد الرئيس عبد الفتاح السيسي جانباً من الاختبارات التي تعقد للمتقدمين للالتحاق بوظائف بوزارة التربية والتعليم والتعليم الفني، والتي تتم بالتعاون مع الأكاديمية العسكرية المصرية، وذلك [...]


Libya court sentences 23 to death for Islamic State campaign

By Reuters – Campaign included beheading a group of Egyptian Christians. MISRATA, Libya – A Libyan court sentenced 23 people to death and another 14 to life in prison on Monday for [...]


Pakistani Christians just ask ‘fair treatment,’ leaders say

By John Burger – Aleteia – Bishop, priest discuss continuing problem of abuse of country’s blasphemy laws, forced conversions, forced marriages … and why mobs can form so [...]


Turkey: from the father’s secularism to Erdoğan’s islamism

by Amir Taheri – Gatestone Institute – Atatürkism… tried to reinvent Turkey’s identity as a modern state claiming Hittite and Celtic roots, distancing itself from the [...]


Christians suffering violence in Sudan

By Barnabas Aid – The warring parties in Sudan have agreed to a seven-day ceasefire that began on the evening of 22 May – although reports indicated that fighting continued in some areas. [...]


Coptic Solidarity to Host 11th Annual Conference on June 15-16

Coptic Solidarity will host its 11th Annual Conference The Indigenous Copts: Past Denied and Future Unknown in Washington, DC June 15-16. This leading annual policy event in Washington D.C. [...]


Coptic Solidarity Analysis of USCIRF 2023 Report

By Coptic Solidarity(Washington, DC) [...]


Jordan’s Christians approve new law with equal inheritance rights

Al-Monitor – Experts say the Jordanian Civil Code must differentiate between Christians and Muslims, so that the recent draft law on equal inheritance between female and male Christians can be [...]


نحو مفوضية مناهضة التمييز

سامح فوزي ـ الأهرام ـ كثر الحديث فى جلسة مكافحة التمييز فى الحوار الوطنى الأحد الماضى عن أهمية تنفيذ الاستحقاق الدستورى بإنشاء مفوضية مناهضة التمييز، الوارد ذكرها فى المادة (53) من دستور 2014، [...]

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