Coptic Solidarity Honors the 21 Martyrs & Advocates for 6 More Copts Recently Abducted in Libya

On this day, eight years ago, the world was stunned by one of the most poignant images of modern martyrdom. Islamic terrorists captured 21 men several months earlier in Libya and pressured them [...]


Last of Libya Martyrs comes ‘home’

By Nader Shukry – Watani Libya Martyrs The martyrs, 20 Egyptians and one Ghanaian, were migrant labourers working in Libya. The Egyptians came from Samalout in the region of Minya, some [...]


Coptic Solidarity Honors the 21 Modern Martyrs Killed in Libya

By Coptic Solidarity –  This week in 2015, 21 men were brutally beheaded on a Mediterranean beach in Libya, by members of ISIS. They had been captured by ISIS a few months earlier and [...]


Author Holds Up Martyred Copts as Model for Contemporary Christians

By Christopher White – The Tablet – Four years ago this week, 21 men were videotaped on a beach in Libya as their ISIS captors beheaded them one by one. Of the 21 victims, 20 were [...]


Christians Mark Anniversary of 21 Beheaded Copts in ISIS’ ‘Message to Nation of the Cross’

By Stoyan Zaimov – The Christian Post – Christians around the world are taking time this week to remember the 21 Coptic Christians who were beheaded by Islamic State militants one [...]


Dozens of Christians Trapped in Libya Surrounded By Islamist Militants Out to Kill Them

By Hazel Torres – Christian Today – They’re like sheep surrounded by rapacious wolves. Dozens of Christian workers are trapped in Libya with all roads leading to the safety of [...]


Christian Family Awaits Word on Copt Kidnapped in Libya by Islamic State Affiliate

By Morning Star News – As unconfirmed reports and rumors about the status of three Christians kidnapped in Libya by the Islamic State (IS) continue to spread in Egyptian media, a Coptic [...]