Copts Flee Sinai Amid ISIS Campaign Of Murder, Threats

By R. Green – MEMRI –  The following report is now a complimentary offering from MEMRI’s Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM). For JTTM subscription information, click [...]


L’exode ou la mort : les chrétiens fuient le Nord-Sinaï par centaines

Isabelle Cousturie – Aleteia –  Après la vague d’homicides annoncée par Daesh, les familles chrétiennes s’enfuient par centaines et confirment “la chasse aux [...]


Rift widens between Egyptian president, Al-Azhar

By Shahira Amin – Al Monitor –  When Field Marshal Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, then defense minister, gave a televised speech on July 3, 2013, announcing that President Mohammed Morsi had [...]


الدواعش» انتصروا ذهنياً»

د. خالد منتصر ـ  تكرّر فى الإعلام سؤال استنكارى، وهو: هل يقتل المسيحى وحده فى سيناء؟، الإجابة يقتل الجندى المسلم والجندى المسيحى هناك، لا تفرقة، نعم يُقتل من يرشد الشرطة عن الإرهابيين، سواء كان [...]


Anger and desperation accompany Copts from their homes in Arish to Ismailia

By Karoline Kamel – Mada Masr – The fate of Sinai’s Coptic Christians is held between a church that closed its doors to them and a state that intervened too late The sounds of crows [...]


Egypt’s Christians flee terror in north Sinai security void

By Brian Rohan – Associated Press – After Islamic militants barged into his uncle’s house, shot him and his son dead, then looted the place and set it on fire, Said Sameh Adel [...]


All Art Is “Immoral,” Says “Moderate” Sheikh Al Azhar

By Raymond Ibrahim – Exclusive to Coptic Solidarity – Art has a largely negative impact on human morality. So says Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb, the grand imam of Egypt’s Al Azhar madrassa [...]


الغضب واليأس.. رفيقا رحلة الأقباط النازحين من العريش للإسماعيلية

كارولين كامل ـ مدى مصر ـ مستقبل الأبناء معلق بين كنيسة أغلقت بابها ودولة تأتي متأخرة ـ «آه يا بلد.. بعد 55 سنة في العريش أخرج منها هربان بهدومي وعكازي». على تسعة وثمانين عامًا يستند سيفين مرقص. [...]


Targeted by ISIS, Egyptian Christians Flee Violence

By Declan Walsh, Nour Youssef – New York Times – Dozens of Egyptian Christian families fled their homes in the northern Sinai Peninsula on Friday, driven by a targeted campaign of [...]


Des Coptes en fuite sous la menace djihadiste

Par Tribune de Genève – Environ 250 chrétiens ont trouvé refuge dans l’église évangélique de la ville d’Ismaïlya près du canal de Suez (est), a indiqué à l’AFP le diacre [...]