Presentations on Coptic, Yezidi, & Pakistani Women from UN Side Event

By Coptic Solidarity – Coptic Solidarity co- hosted an in-person parallel event titled Filling the Gaps in Social Protection Systems for Minority Women on March 20th, on the [...]


Egypt officials abet kidnappers of Christian college student; Muslim Brotherhood behind abduction

By Christian Daily International – Authorities in Egypt have abetted the kidnapping and forcible conversion to Islam of a Coptic Christian woman, according to a widely published expert on [...]


Yet Another Coptic Christian Girl Kidnapped in Cairo

By Raymond Ibrahim – Exclusive for Coptic Solidarity Earlier this month, a 15-year-old Coptic Christian girl disappeared off the streets of Cairo, Egypt; her mobile phone was turned off at the [...]


اختفاء فتاة قبطية قاصر بمنشية ناصر.. والأسرة تناشد “الداخلية”

وطني ـ اختفت أمس فتاة قبطية قاصر بمنطقة الزرايب بمنشية ناصر بالقاهرة، وقامت أسرتها بتحرير محضر بالواقعة، وناشدت الأسرة، وزارة الداخلية لتكثيف البحث وكشف غموض الاختفاء. وقالت الأسرة، إن ابنتهم [...]


Coptic Girl Harassed and Attacked

By I C C – On March 13 19-year-old Coptic Marian Rafat was attacked while leaving church in Al Fashn center, Beni Suef Province. A man named Gamal Nasser approached her and was harassing [...]

UN Human Rights Council #46 Parallel Event | No One Left Behind

On March 5, 2021, Coptic Solidarity Executive Committee Member, Mrs. Ghada Melek, participated in a virtual parallel event to the United Nations Human Rights Council 46th Session. This important [...]


Keynote Statement by UN Special Rapporteur, Ms. Mama Fatima Singhateh

Keynote Statement by Ms. Mama Fatima SINGHATEH   – 5 March 2021 Special Rapporteur on the Sale and Sexual Exploitation of Children, Including Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and other [...]


Police in Pakistan Find Christian Girl Chained in Kidnapper’s Home

By Morning Star News A Catholic family’s five-month search for their 12-year-old daughter who was kidnapped, forcibly converted to Islam and married to a 45-year-old Muslim in Faisalabad, [...]


“جهاد الأرحام”: الاتجار بالنساء والفتيات القبطيات في مصر

إعداد منظمة التضامن القبطي – أولا: تقديـــــــم تأسست منظمة التضامن القبطي عام 2010 وعملها مُنصَبّ على تحقيق حقوق المواطنة المتساوية للأقباط في مصر. قامت منظمة التضامن القبطي بالإبلاغ عن [...]


Another Missing Coptic Girl Reappears as “Willing” Convert to Islam in Video

By Raymond Ibrahim – Exclusive to Coptic Solidarity Once again, a young Coptic Christian girl has disappeared off the streets of Egypt only to reappear in a video dressed in Islamic garb [...]

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