141 Athletes Represent Egypt in the Tokyo Olympics. One of them is a Copt.

By Coptic Solidarity – Standard News Wire – Egypt’s delegation to the 2020 Olympics includes a single Copt out of 141 athletes. The delegation, which includes 37 women, will compete [...]


Egypt Maintains Discriminatory Practices Against Coptic Athletes Amidst Olympic Publicity

By Coptic Solidarity – The Olympics is a time for sport and fraternity to be celebrated globally, yet when Egypt’s national football team plays their first Tokyo 2021 game today against [...]


Coptic Solidarity Urges EFA Sponsors to Stop Supporting Discrimination

By Coptic Solidarity – Standard Newswire Coptic Solidarity (CS) strongly urges all corporate sponsors of the Egyptian Football Association (EFA) and the Premier League to end their [...]


Coptic Team Sports Inhibited in Egypt

Opinion submitted by Saba E. Demian, M.D This is part of the suppression/oppression by the State and cronies to cancel Christianity from Egypt. The most popular game in the world is Football, aka [...]


La comunitat copta, fora de joc a Egipte

By Marc Español – Directa –  Era jornada de proves al camp de futbol del club egipci Petrojet, establert a la ciutat portuària de Suez. Mina Samir, un jove de 17 anys, evoca [...]


What Does Football Have To Do With Religious Freedom?

By Ewelina U. Ochab – Forbes –  What does football (soccer) have to do with religious freedom? Not much, one would have thought. However, Egypt may be saying otherwise. [...]


Restrictions on the Copts of Egypt

By Saba E. Demian – Copts refers to the Christian Orthodox Egyptians and members of this branch of Orthodox Christianity around the world. A lot may be known globally about the Copts [...]


En Egypte, les Coptes réclament le droit de jouer au foot

Le Point – Victime de discriminations comme la plupart des footballeurs chrétiens, un jeune copte a créé son propre centre de formation. Reportage à Alexandrie, Ariane Lavrilleux et Hossam [...]


إضطهاد الأقباط فى الاندية الرياضية المصرية

مجدى خليل يعانى الأقباط فى مصر من تمييزا دينيا حكوميا ومجتمعيا واسعا وشاملا وممتدا ومنظما وعميقا فى كافة مناحى الحياة بما فى ذلك النشاط الرياضى وكرة القدم، وعلى مدى نصف قرن لم يشارك سوى 6 أقباط [...]


Coptic Solidarity Urges FIFA to Investigate Discrimination Against Coptic Footballers in Egypt

By Coptic Solidarity –  For Immediate Release (Washington, DC) June 18, 2018 Yesterday, Coptic Solidarity submitted a report directly to FIFA officials as well as on their new online [...]

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