Story behind Egypt retrieving 5,000 artefacts from the Bible Museum in Washington DC

By Sanaa’ Farouq – Watani Five thousand Egyptian artefacts that were in possession of the Museum of the Bible in Washington DC have been recently brought back to Egypt, thanks to efforts [...]


Explore late antique Egypt at the Georgia Museum of Art

By UGA Today If you think of Egyptian art as just pharaohs and pyramids, you’re missing a big part of the picture. The Georgia Museum of Art at the University of Georgia will present the [...]


10th Annual Conference: Panel – Coptic Identity Revival: History, Education, Culture and Language

Video of a panel discussion titled Coptic Identity Revival: History, Education, Culture and Language  which took place during Coptic Solidarity’s 10th Annual Conference on June 21, 2019, at [...]


Happy New Year 6261 Egypt – Happy 1736 Copts

By Samia Sidhom – Watani – Today 12 September 2019 coincides with the first day of the Coptic month of Tut, the first month of the Egypt​i​an New Year 6261 and the Coptic New Year [...]


We Need Our Own Book Publishing Press

By Marianne Melleka Boules – Coptic Voice How lack of representation in the literary industry is hurting the Coptic community, and what we can do to take matters into our own hands What I’m [...]


What constitutes ‘Coptic Culture’?

By Dina Ezzat – Ahram Online On the occasion of Easter, some in Egypt are examining the limited awareness about the history and traditions of Christians in the country At a small but very [...]


Egypt’s Coptic heritage jeopardized due to lack of funds

By George Mikhail – Al-Monitor – With more than 18,000 icons, carved stones, frescoes and manuscripts in its 27 halls, Cairo’s Coptic Museum boasts one of the largest collections of [...]


Who are the Copts? Why are they being attacked?

By Dr. Jim Denison – Denison Forum “There were children. What have they done to deserve this? I wish I had died with them instead of seeing these scenes.” This is how a witness described [...]


Under threat from terrorism, Coptic culture remains eternally powerful

By Jonathan Jones – The Guardian – The Coptic church is Egypt’s oldest living religion. Its unique artistic tradition stretches right back into antiquity and stands as a rebuke to the [...]