Coptic Solidarity Leads Statement Urging Reinstatement of Chaldean Patriarch Sako

By Coptic Solidarity Christian News Wire – (Washington, DC) September 28, 2023 Today Coptic Solidarity published a statement signed by 86 non-profit organizations, parliamentarians and [...]


Statement Supporting Iraqi Patriarch Louis Raphael Sako

By Coptic Solidarity – Coptic Solidarity led an initiative to gather signatures for the statement below, signed by 87 non-profit organizations, parliamentarians and former legislators, and [...]


Christian Genocide in the Middle East Is Not Newsworthy — Pope Francis Laments

By Fr. Benedict Kiely – AINA Speaking during a homily at Mass early in 2017, Pope Francis declared there were now more Christian martyrs — men, women and children who had died [...]


Coptic congregation set to get new home in former Catholic church on Manhattan’s Upper East Side

By Melanie Grayce West – WSJ – Coptics, Roman Catholics Have Long Shared Theological Ties – With a consecrated tablet, the congregation of St. Mary & St. Mark Coptic Orthodox [...]


Insult after Injury: Understanding Egypt’s “Reconciliation Meetings”

By Raymond Ibrahim – Exclusive for Coptic Solidarity –  We often hear about Egypt’s Christians being attacked by Muslim mobs. What we rarely hear about is what happens afterwards. Are [...]


West turns blind eye toward Islam’s attack on Middle East Christians: patriarch

By Life Site News – Developed countries motivated by a need for oil and desire for profits are abandoning their principles to allow Islamic Jihadists to destroy Middle Eastern Christianity, [...]


Genocide of Christians in the Path of ISIL: An Interview with Cardinal Theodore McCarrick

By Nina Shea DM – Order of Malta, Federal Association –  On March 17, for only the second time in American history, the secretary of state officially designated an ongoing genocide. [...]