Prosecution renews Patrick’s detention for 15 further days on his first renewal hearing

By EIPR – On the 22nd of February, Patrick Zaki stood before Mansoura II Prosecution for a scheduled hearing on the state of his detention. The Prosecution ultimately decided for the [...]


An Egyptian’s Arrest Rekindles an Italian Trauma

By Declan Walsh and Elisabetta Povoledo – The New York Times CAIRO — When an Egyptian student was arrested at the Cairo Airport recently, it was hardly an unusual event. Egypt’s security [...]


Egypt: Government retaliates against rights researcher with electric shock torture and false charges

By CIHRS – The undersigned organizations demand the immediate and unconditional release of Patrick George Zaki, a researcher at the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights and  graduate [...]


Italy alarmed after Egyptian studying in Bologna arrested in Cairo

By Ruth Michaelson in Cairo and Lorenzo Tondo in Palermo – The Guardian – An Egyptian researcher who is studying in Italy has been arrested on arrival in Cairo on charges of “harming [...]


Egypt Arrests Human Rights Activist Who Criticized Gov’t

By The Associated Press –  Egyptian police arrested an activist and researcher who was a vocal critic of President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi’s government, the interior ministry and a [...]


An Egyptian Human Rights defender disappeared and tortured:

By: EIPR – EIPR Gender & Rights Researcher Patrick George Zaki, arrested on arrival at Cairo airport, tortured and sent to Public Prosecution after 24 hours of incommunicado detention. [...]

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Prominent Political Activist Shares “Harrowing” Probation Experience

By POMED – In his first interview since being released from prison, Alaa Abdel Fattah, a prominent Egyptian activist who served five years in jail for demonstrating against the draconian [...]