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U.S. Congressman French Hill – 

Watch Rep. Hill’s remarks from the House floor in support of religious freedom for Coptic Christians in Egypt.

WASHINGTON D.C. — Today, on Religious Freedom Day, Congressman French Hill (R-AR) introduced a resolution, H.Res.49, expressing support for Coptic Christians and religious liberty in Egypt:

“Egypt and the United States are important partners in the fight against terrorism. However, we must confront the reality that Coptic Christians in Egypt do not receive the same protections under the rule of law as others. I have been on the front lines of this struggle and met with government and religious leaders throughout Egypt. While we have seen progress from Egyptian President el-Sisi, the U.S. government must use the tools it has to hold our allies to a higher standard if they are to continue to receive our aid.

“All people around the world, regardless of their religious affiliation, deserve the same freedom to practice their chosen religion that we enjoy in the United States. The respect for human rights and religious freedom is a fundamental American position, and I will continue to promote this issue for Coptic Christians throughout Egypt.”


The full text of H.Res.49 can be found HERE.

H.Res.49 acknowledges the importance of the United States-Egypt partnership in advancing our common interests, recognizes Egypt’s need for certain government reforms, and calls on the Egyptian government to end the culture of impunity and make examples by arresting, prosecuting, and convicting those responsible for attacks on Christians. It also calls on the government to hold those local government officials accountable who fail to enforce the law.
Photo Credit: Bill Clark Via Getty Images

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