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Please take just a moment to send a message to your U.S. Representative asking them to co-sponsor a new House Resolution for Coptic protection and equality!

Congressman French Hill (R-AR) recently introduced a resolution, H. RES. 673 titled Expressing concern over attacks on Coptic Christians in Egypt with five other original cosponsors; 2 Republican and 3 Democrat. Strong bi-partisan support of the resolution is reflective of the urgency of the situation of Egypt’s Copts who have come under mounting violent attacks, and suffered under increased systematic and systemic discrimination by the Egyptian government under el-Sisi’s administration.

We need your help to make this resolution a priority with U.S. legislators. Gaining more cosponsors will give the resolution a better chance of passing through committee and being scheduled for a full floor vote in the US House of Representatives. Passage of this resolution passed by the US House of Representatives  would indicate Congresses’ support of Coptic Christians and the need for the Egyptian government to stop discriminating against them.

Taking action is very simple with our advocacy software. You will simply:

  1. Enter your Name and Address. The advocacy software will use your address to identify who your U.S. Representative is.
  2. Review the sample letter provided. Edit the letter if you choose to do so.
  3. Click Submit.

This is an incredible opportunity to use your freedom to make a difference in the lives of Copts in Egypt.
Because the campaign targets U.S. legislators, only those wtih an address in the U.S. are able to participate in this campaign.

Please take action today and share the campaign with your family and friends.


Dr. George Gurguis



President, Coptic Solidarity

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