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By Raymond Ibrahim – Exclusive for Coptic Solidarity 
September 2, 2016

On Friday August 26, unidentified and armed militants broke into and robbed a Christian church, the Church of Banjasar, in Aden south of Yemen. In the words of a local source, “Armed militants accompanied by youths from the village broke into the church after morning prayers and looted the contents of the church.” The source adds that in recent days robbers resembling “armed gangs” had been on the rise.

Although Christian churches in Yemen are few in numbers, this is not the first church to be targeted in recent times. Last year, “Houthi militias stormed the St. Anthony Church in al-Tawahi, Aden, in Yemen. They plundered the Catholic church of all its contents.” Later, Saudi forces, purportedly fighting the militants, bombed and “seriously damaged” the church.

For more on the plight of Yemen’s miniscule Christian population, read here.


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