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Attacks on Copts are spreading to other provinces:
Below are two clips showing new and fresh attacks on Copts and their homes and properties.
During the last few weeks, several attacks were reported in the Province of Mynia which resulted in many injuries and at least one murder. This time the attacks were in the Province of Beni Sueif, which happened today and, as usual, immediately following the Muslim Friday noon prayers.

Today’s attack is a dangerous development and indication that Salafists and other fanatics are encouraged by lack of action and absence of law enforcement in Mynia and are spreading their terrorism to other localities.

Yesterday, President Sisi gave another speech and promised applying the law and bringing all criminals to justice. However, it does not look like that his words are taken seriously simply because he made the same promises several times before and did not keep his promises by taking the necessary action. Probably today’s attack is in response to his yesterday’s speech and it is a blatant challenge to him and to the sovereignty of the State.



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