ISIS’ Plan to Take Its Caliphate Worldwide

Rather than trying to expand [like al Qaeda] from the center, the Islamic State is mushrooming


Teaming up with Boko Haram was just the start. ISIS is extending its reach around the planet. Here’s how they're doing it.


Nurturing Egypt’s Economic Transformation

With bad news generating many of the headlines from the Middle East, it has been easy to miss the ongoing transformation of the Egyptian economy.


The Egyptian government is trying to correct this perception by inviting a range of high-level officials from both the public and private sectors to Sharm el-Shiekh for the Egypt Economic Development Conference, beginning March 13.


Americans’ Views Increasingly Hawkish on Responding to Terrorism, ISIS

Last week, I published a piece laying out the emerging evidence that the American people are shifting toward a more hawkish view of how we should respond to foreign threats, especially terrorism.  A Quinnipiac University poll released today underscores that shift.


Patriotism and Nationalism in Egypt

I first met him in Tahrir Square, following the bloody events of February 2. On the day known as the Battle of the Camel, at least eleven were killed and over 600 wounded.  Mina Daniel, wounded earlier that day, was a Copt who struggled with other socialists for justice, freedom, and above all dignity for all Egyptians alike. Mina Daniel and I did not only share the collective identity of Tahrir but also the belief that being Coptic is not an ideology. Rather, fighting for the dignity of all humans was indeed an ideology, and a cross we were both happy to bear.


What Are the Prospects for Building the Riyadh-Cairo-Ankara Security Axis?

President Abdel Fatah Al Sissi’s quick visit to Saudi Arabia seems to have achieved what the Egyptians wanted from it. Cairo thought that inviting Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Riyadh before inviting Al Sissi was sending a wrong message to all relevant parties including, of course, the Muslim Brotherhood (MB). Saudi Arabia understood Cairo’s concern, which was transmitted to them through King Abdullah II of Jordan. Al Sissi’s visit, therefore, was just symbolic in nature.



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