Hope - and Anxiety - After Buhari's Win in Nigeria

Christian groups remember new president's earlier vow to Islamize Nigeria


Nigeria’s Christians, especially those in the troubled northeast, had a good reason to be worried that Muhammadu Buhari would be elected president. The former military ruler had once endorsed the full implementation of sharia — Islamic law — throughout the country.


Would New Borders Mean Less Conflict in the Middle East?

The region is living with the combustible legacy of states artificially carved from the remains of the Ottoman Empire.


Shortly after the end of World War I, the French and British prime ministers took a break from the hard business of redrawing the map of Europe to discuss the easier matter of where frontiers would run in the newly conquered Middle East.


The Resurrection of the Fearful Copt

Four years after the January revolution that gave Egypt's Copts hope of full inclusion, the old equation, in which the Church directed Coptic affairs in return for allegiance to the regime, is back in place.





Will al Qaeda Be the Great Winner of Yemen’s Collapse?

Big gains and great challenges await the world's most dangerous al Qaeda affiliate.


Amid the chaos and suffering of Yemen’s ongoing, and quickly internationalizing, civil war, one clear winner seems to have emerged: al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula(AQAP), the al Qaeda affiliate with the closest relationship to al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri. The group, which U.S. officials have long labeled the most dangerous offshoot of the core al Qaeda organization, could be set to find an even more comfortable operations base from which to launch terrorist attacks and claim territory. Just this week, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter warned, “AQAP has seized the opportunity of the disorder there and the collapse of the central government.”

Papal Message by H.H. Pope Tawadros II - Feast of the Resurrection 2015


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