Hatred as an Article of Faith

The White House made no mention of the victims' Christian faith, a culpable denial that dishonours them and Christians everywhere.


Egypt reacted angrily to the executions, but it has a long track record of not prosecuting Muslims who massacre Christians within its borders


The Under-Reported Stealth War on Mideast Christians

The spate of brutal and systematic attacks on Christian communities in Syria, Iraq and Egypt by the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant has surged. Yet despite this targeted violence, there’s a climate of international indifference by many governments and even some Christian communities in the West towards this modern-day religious persecution.


Empowering Jihad: The Deadly Myth of a ‘Root Cause’

Terrorists are often well educated and well-to-do


Reports that "Jihadi John," the British-accented narrator of ISIS snuff videos, is Mohammed Emwazi— an educated young man from a middle-class background— ought to put the final stake in the pretense that poverty and a lack of education and opportunity fuel Islamist hate.


ISIS Captures Christians: Piece by Piece, Middle Eastern Christianity Is Being Shattered

President Obama must acknowledge that ISIS has religious objectives, that its actions are not simply random acts of “extreme violence,” and that ISIS aims to make the region – and beyond-- pure for Islam.


An Invitation to Join the Human Club

When Jesus Christ came into our world, His love, humility and self-sacrifice upended human values in a way that mankind had never experienced before. He rejected biases related to kinship, race, color, sex, religion, creed, gender, appearance, wealth, and social status, and gave no room for resentments and animosity.



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