When ISIS Rapists Win

It’s time to stop underestimating this force as some group of self-discrediting madmen. ISIS is a moral and political threat to the fragile and ugly stability that exists in what’s left in the Middle East. ISIS will thrive and spread its ideas for as long as it has its land.






Is the US Ready for an Endless War Against the Islamic State?

Top generals predict the fight against ISIS will last more than a decade. It’s not a message the White House or Congress wants to hear.





Who Overthrew Morsi?

It is the Muslim Brotherhood – before anyone else – who deposed their own man in the presidential palace, before forcing their supporters into tragic confrontations at Rabaa.







Securing the Sinai MFO Without a U.S. Drawdown

The Obama administration should dispel the current uncertainty over the MFO's future by conferring with Egypt and Israel about how best to secure the peacekeepers, and by improving counterterrorism coordination in the Sinai.






Who Are the Western Collaborators Financing ISIL?

The barbaric conquests of the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) are financed by collaborators among the business and financial circles of the West.






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