Hillary’s 2011 deal with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation

By WorldTribune – The attacks carried out by Islamic terrorists on September 11, 2001 in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania were an attack on “freedom itself,” then-President George W. [...]


إضطهاد الأقباط فى الاندية الرياضية المصرية

مجدى خليل يعانى الأقباط فى مصر من تمييزا دينيا حكوميا ومجتمعيا واسعا وشاملا وممتدا ومنظما وعميقا فى كافة مناحى الحياة بما فى ذلك النشاط الرياضى وكرة القدم، وعلى مدى نصف قرن لم يشارك سوى 6 أقباط [...]


Coptic Solidarity Urges FIFA to Investigate Discrimination Against Coptic Footballers in Egypt

By Coptic Solidarity –  For Immediate Release (Washington, DC) June 18, 2018 Yesterday, Coptic Solidarity submitted a report directly to FIFA officials as well as on their new online [...]


Discrimination against Copts In Egyptian Sport Clubs

By Magdi Khalil for Coptic Solidarity – June 15, 2018 This report has been sent to the FIFA officials directly, and submitted online via the new FIFA complaint mechanism. Download Full [...]


“I was told to change my name to play professionally”: the plight of Egyptian Christians in football

By Maryse Godden – New Statesman – The impact of years of heightened religious tension between Copts and Muslims is evident even from Egypt’s national football team. When cafes across [...]