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Sudanese Christians were wounded by gunfire at a Coptic church in Omdurman, west of Khartoum, on Sunday, while the two parties to the conflict in Sudan exchanged accusations of responsibility for this attack.

In a statement, the Sudanese army accused “the rebel Rapid Support militia of shooting at Christian worshipers in the Masalama Church in Omdurman.” It added that this is “an extension of its continuous violations, and its violation of all international laws and established norms.”

On the other hand, the Rapid Support Forces stated in a statement posted on Twitter that “an extremist terrorist group affiliated with the coup forces opened fire on the Mar Guirguis (St George) church, in Masalama district in Omdurman, leading to serious injuries among worshipers”

The Rapid Support Forces denied the army’s accusations, stressing that “our forces include among their ranks appreciable numbers of the Christian community.”

Bishop Sarabamon, of Atbara, Omdurman and Northern Sudan, reassured the people of the church of his safety and the safety of the worshipers, after targeting the church – which is the bishopric quarters – in Omdurman, where three persons were injured during the attack and transferred to the hospital.

One of the church’s sons said: Mr Seifin, the church’s deacon, was shot at, as well as Mr Habashi, the church guard. The attackers stole all donationns, robbed the bishop’s room, and vandalized the building, noting that all religious rites in churches have been suspended since the beginning of the war last April.

The church announced today that the injured are fine and all have been discharged. Bishop Sarabamon issued a message to reassure the congregation, adding that “we pray to end the conflict in the beloved Sudan and that God may restore peace to the country.”

The Sudanese Foreign Ministry condemned the criminal behavior and flagrant violation of human rights and international law of the rebel forces, accusing them of attacking worshipers and places of worship with a treacherous attack on the church.

The Foreign Ministry said in a statement that “the rebel forces beat the priest after attacking the worshipers and entered the home of elderly women and the girls’ internal school, attached to the church in search of money to steal.”


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