In Selected Opinion

By Saba E. Demian, M.D.
Written in 2015

Open wide ye gates of heaven

Ascend they on the Savior’s cross

The laurels await to be given

A gain of glory not a loss

Their blood shed, stained the sand

Of the Savior’s blessed haven

Blessed He its people and their land

Egypt welcomed the King of heav’n

Weep we now and evermore

Our flesh tortured slain

Usher they the path afore

A verdant, odiferous plane

Well might they couch His feet

In rapture wear the glory crowns

How wonderous is the ransom seat

Where shining face never frowns

Onward tread we in your way

And slacken not our pace

Until we pilgrims’ winners say     

And stand we happy face to face

Photo Credit: Victor Fakhoury’s modern-day icon, The Martyrs of Maspero

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