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Coptic Solidarity Statement on August 2nd Peaceful Demonstration 
August 4, 2016

Aug 2016 rally 1

Coptic Solidarity organized a peaceful demonstration in front of the White House on August 2nd to protest the increasing attacks against Coptic Christians in Egypt and the impunity with which their attackers have been treated by the Egyptian government. The event aimed both at creating awareness of the perilous situation of Copts as well as to demand from the Egyptian government full protection for Copts and accountability for perpetrators of these crimes against Copts and the complacent authorities who allow them to happen and go unpunished.

About 120 individuals turned out for the rally, hailing mainly from the states of Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, and from Canada. Protestors held signs which addressed various issues facing the Coptic community such as Islamic terrorism, arbitrary reconciliation sessions that the Egyptian government uses in lieu of proper judicial procedures when Copts and their property are attacked and condemnation of the kidnapping and forced conversion of Coptic girls.

Coptic Solidarity board member, Mr. Magdi Khalil, was the main event organizer and conducted a number of interviews with outlets who attended the event. Coptic Solidarity applauds those news outlets who have covered this issue for the benefit of the public international opinion.
August 2016 rally 3
Coptic Solidarity is a secular and independent advocacy group, founded according to international standards of human rights organizations. Its main goal is to advocate for the Copts’ inalienable rights of true equality as Egyptian citizens, defend against systematic discrimination and the violent persecution they endure, and support efforts for a secular state in Egypt. Coptic Solidarity is accountable to its members and supports, and receives no directives or finances from any government or government-related entities. The leadership of Coptic Solidarity is made of a number of high caliber and dedicated professionals who conduct their responsibility according to the organization’s bylaws.

Coptic Solidarity thanks all those who attended the peaceful rally and exercised their freedoms of speech and religion in order to improve the situation of Copts in Egypt and continue our struggle for equality.

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