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The Struggle to Erase Saudi Extremism
By Janet Breslin Smith and Caryle Murphy

The rise of the Islamic State has once again turned the spotlight on Saudi Arabia, which is accused of supplying the theological foundation of the movement’s brutal ideology, as well as many of its fighters and funders.


Muslim Brotherhood Fabricating Sex Tapes to Stir Trouble in Egypt
By Coptic Solidarity

Mohammed Tawfiq, a former leader of the Construction and Development party, recently asserted that the Muslim Brotherhood—which is banned as a terrorist organization in Egypt, Russia, Syria, and Saudi Arabia—has been using “porn actresses to stir up discord between Muslims and Christians ahead of November 28.”

‘Kidnapping,’ Forced Conversion and Collective Punishment Haunt Egypt's Copts
By Lauren Gunias - WWM

Ongoing lack of state protection for Egyptian Christians 


It’s been two months since Coptic Christians in an Upper Egypt village endured a traumatic sequence of events ending in heavy police abuse. The victims still have not received any justice from the state security authorities who broke the law and violated its citizen’s human rights.


After Fierce Crackdown, Egypt’s Brotherhood Struggles to Survive
By Yaroslav Trofimov - WSJ

Though Much Weakened, the Muslim Brotherhood Still Represents a Major Thrust of Public Opinion in the Arab world’s Largest Country


Outside Cairo’s Rabaa al-Adawiya mosque, few signs remain of one of Egypt’s bloodiest massacres: the killing of hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood supporters by security forces 15 months ago.


“Islamic Revolution” in Egypt to Start on November 28th
By Middle East Briefing

Egypt is heading for a two-month period that will be particularly messy. Al Jabha Al Salafiah (The Salafi Front-SF)—a radical Jihadist organization—has declared the 28th of November as the “first day” of the Islamic revolution in Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) is showing again its ability to use other Islamists in a planned division of labor to achieve specific political goals, all the while preserving its margin of deniability.



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