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It’s Time for Sisi to Protect the Christians
By Samuel Tadros- FoxNews

Last month’s ghastly beheading of 20 Coptic Christian migrant workers on a Libyan beach prompted worldwide outrage and retaliatory airstrikes by Egypt’s government.


But out of public sight, the same victims’ families and neighbors now silently face persecution at home, in Egypt.


Obama Lifts Arms Freeze Against Egypt
By NYT - Reuters

Seeking to patch up relations with a longtime regional ally at a time of spreading war and instability in the Middle East, President Obama on Tuesday lifted an arms freeze against Egypt that he first imposed after the 2013 military overthrow of the country’s elected government.


Coptic Priest: Islamic Law Trumps Egyptian Law in Case of Martyr’s Church
By Coptic Solidarity

According to the local priest and Coptic spokesman, last Friday’s assault on a proposed Coptic Christian church proposed to be built, with President Sisi’s permission, to honor the 21 Coptic Christians who were slaughtered by the Islamic State in Libya, was all too typical and a reminder that Islamic sharia sentiment continues to trump the sovereignty of the Egyptian state.  During an interview he said:


What Happened?! White House Stunned as Wars Rage Across the Middle East
By WorldTribune

When President Barack Obama took office, he offered a familiar foreign policy vision that had been the refrain of the Left’s criticism of his predecessor: The U.S. would withdraw from the region’s conflicts and focus on its perceived root cause by prosecuting the Israel-Palestinian peace process.


Persecuted Christians Are Modern-Day Martyrs, Says Pope Francis

Following the proclamation of the Passion according to St. Mark at Holy Mass in St. Peter's Square, Pope Francis delivered a homily, in which he reflected on the plight of all those who endure humiliation because of their faithfulness to the Gospel, all those who face discrimination and pay a personal price for their fidelity to Christ.



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