Islamists and State Collude in Abducting and Islamizing Coptic Christian Girls in Egypt

By Raymond Ibrahim – Coptic Solidarity – Yet another Coptic Christian girl has “disappeared,” with the authorities abetting the kidnapper(s) in Egypt. On Jan. 22, 2024, Irene Ibrahim [...]


Coptic jeweller murdered in Cairo

Watani International A Coptic jeweller in his sixties, Hosny al-Khanagry, was murdered on the evening of 26 February 2024, as he attended his shop in the neighbourhood of Boulaq Abul-Ela in [...]


التاريخ الجريح: بنية التمييز الديني في مناهج التاريخ المصرية

د. شريف يونس  (*) ـ ظاهرة التمييز الديني في مناهج التعليم تعلن عن نفسها جهرا، لا تحوج من يريد رصدها إلى مشقة التحليل. وتوحى قراءة المناهج بأن واضعيها ممتلئين اقتناعا برسالة مقدسة فحواها [...]


Is a New Armenian Genocide on the Horizon?

By Raymond Ibrahim – The Stream – Turkic genocidal bloodlust against its ancient victim, Armenia, is on the verge of flaring out again, though the world fails to see. On Feb. 13, [...]


Alexandre d’Alexandrie, le patriarche vainqueur de l’arianisme, est fêté le 26 février

Par Aleteia – Sans Alexandre, le patriarche d’Alexandrie qui repéra Athanase, l’Église n’aurait peut-être pas éradiqué l’hérésie arienne. Apôtre de la vérité et de la miséricorde, il est [...]


Iraq’s Federal Court Decides to Eliminate Christians’ Seats Quota in Kurdistan Parliament

By shafaq (via AINA) – Political parties representing the Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrian component in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) denounced the Federal Court’s decision to annul the [...]


Nigerian government’s role in ‘jihad’ against Christians

By Christian Post – A Nigerian Catholic priest is calling on the Biden administration to consider investigating the Nigerian government’s role in the ongoing “jihad” against [...]


A Vatican special event for the 21 Martyrs

By Aleteia – An event honoring the 21 martyrs on their feast day turned out to be an authentic celebration, bringing together both Coptic Orthodox and Coptic Catholics. An ecumenical [...]


أسرة الفتاة المختفية «إيريني إبراهيم شحاتة» تطالب بعودتها

ناشدت أسرة الفتاة القبطية المختفية «ايرينى إبراهيم شحاتة» الشهيرة بـ «مادونا» (21 عاما)، الرئيس عبد الفتاح السيسي بالتدخل، لعودة ابنتهم المختفية بقرية قرقارص بمركز أسيوط منذ 22 يناير الماضي. [...]


The 21 people killed by ISIS on February 15, 2015, are now included in the Catholic Church martyrology

By Aleteia- On February 15, 2015, 21 Christian workers, 20 of whom were Coptic Orthodox and one of whom was Ghanaian, were murdered by the Islamic State organization on a beach in Libya on [...]

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