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By Coptic Solidarity –

When it comes to giving, Diaspora Copts are really generous.

Over the past few decades, they have established more than 360 Coptic Orthodox Churches in North America alone, not including those of other denominations.

Copts continue to actively support dioceses and churches back home in Egypt, and through them (or directly) support charitable work across the country.

This charitable giving is impressive and commendable.

However, to help Copts in their homeland, Egypt, charitable work is necessary, but not sufficient.

Copts in Egypt still face injustice, violence, discrimination, oppression and even persecution. Numerous rural communities still are not allowed to build a church because they lack a “permit to pray” from the Egyptian government. Coptic women and minor girls are routinely targeted and lured, and often forcibly converted and married to Muslim men. The systematic inequality that Copts face in accessing basic services, education, sports, and in employment is a daily struggle for the majority of Copts still in Egypt

Coptic Solidarity is here to help achieve equality for the indigenous Copts of Egypt by raising awareness and urging justice on their behalf.

It is right for you to do these, and not to let the others be undone.” (Mt-23-23). 

Please join our efforts to faithfully seek justice and mercy for the “Least of these,” our Coptic brothers and sister in Egypt. We cannot do this work without your financial support, so please make a generous contribution today!

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