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A loader (bulldozer) driver, working on a construction site, shoved engineer Fadi Nabil Mikhail, the site supervisor, with the bucket (ram) of his loader several times before crushing him. The victim succumbed to his fatal wounds by the time the ambulance arrived.

The police and the public prosecution were notified of the crime which took place on Monday, May, 15, at a work site inside a compound under construction in New Cairo, Fifth Settlement.

The accused (a Muslim, whose name has not been disclosed…) re-acted, on Wednesday, his crime before the public prosecution. He simulated the crime and confessed to committing the murder intentionally and with premeditation, justifying this by saying that he felt annoyed when the victim gave him some orders, noting that “I hit him with the loader’s ram twice on his head.”

Earlier reports of the incident, including by local eyewitnesses did not mention such a justification, but indicated instead that the killer felt some grudges against Christians.

The prosecution examined the scene of the incident, where witnesses to the incident were questioned.

The outcome of the statements of the witnesses of the incident was that the victim works as an engineer at the site, where the accused works as a loader (bulldozer) driver to remove construction waste; that the accused tended not mix with the rest of the workers at the site, and there were no disputes between him and anyone; that nobody saw a dispute taking place between him and between the victim in the past or prior to the incident; that there was no altercation between them at the time; that the workers at the site heard the victim’s screams, and saw him lying on the ground next to the loader, drowning in his blood; that he had died after the accused hit him with his bulldozer’s shovel repeatedly, after which they caught the accused and informed the police.

A typical loader

The accused admitted that he deliberately killed the victim with premeditation, and the prosecutors suspected the accused “may be suffering from a mental illness.” (There was no clarification as to how was he hired to work if his mental situation was in doubt..)

Accordingly, the prosecution ordered the accused to be remanded in custody pending investigations, and to present him to the Forensic Medicine Authority to take a blood sample from him and analyze it to indicate twhether he used any drugs or narcotic substances, in addition to an autopsy on the victim’s body.

Furthermore, the accused was referred to in a governmental “mental health facility to examine and report on his condition.”

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