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At just 26-years-old, the resident doctor saw a major gap in NSW health services, prompting him to launch the not-for-profit in August 2020.

With 145 volunteers and four clinics across NSW, the service provides medical assistance to those experiencing homelessness.

It has so far helped an estimated 300 people, treating a range of illnesses many of which would otherwise have gone unnoticed.

The service is completely free and doesn’t require a Medicare card.

The Street Side Medics service is completely free and has already changed the lives of around 300 people.

“As we sit here tonight there are over 116 thousand Australians who are experiencing homelessness,” Dr Nour said in his acceptance speech.

“Unfortunately many of these Australians face significant barriers that limit their ability to access the healthcare services that we are all so lucky to have available to us.

“As a result of this they suffer in silence, many die of conditions which could have been treated and avoid interventions which could have improved quality of life.”

Despite also working full-time at Royal North Shore Hospital, Dr Nour remains founding director of Street Side Medics, and volunteers his afternoons to make sure everything keeps running smoothly.

Dr Nour added that it had been difficult journey, however the thought of Australians suffering from medical conditions that could be treated kept him going.

He said plans were to take the service national to help more of those living on the streets.

“One state is simply not good enough. To anyone that can help I urge you to reach out and together lets change healthcare for those most vulnerable, our brothers and sisters experiencing homelessness.”

Dr Nour also thanked the patients that trusted his service enough to give them care.

Despite also working full time, Dr Nour spends his afternoons volunteering to make sure the service continues to run smoothly.

Many of the patients have been neglecting medical conditions for years due to a lack of access to treatment, which Dr Nour and his team help to rectify.

The main mobile clinic van is easily recognisable and comes equipped with everything the team needs to give patients top notch care, from blood tests and vaccinations, to an electrocardiography and ultrasound machine.

Just some of the conditions the service has helped treat include diabetes, thyroid disorders, hepatitis C, HIV, heart disease and cancer.

Dr Nour’s leadership and social consciousness have seen him make significant contributions to Australian society, earning him the title of Young Australian of the Year for 2022.
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