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By Al-Masry Al-Youm ـ

An Egyptian private transport company has announced a new experimental initiative that will introduce women-only buses on the streets of Cairo, according to al-Arabiya.

The buses, which will also include a female driver, aims to provide a safe space for women where they are not subject to sexual harassment or threat thereof, as well as to encourage more women to use collective means of transport, the deputy head of the company Amr al-Englizy said.

He added that one vehicle on each bus line that the company operates will be reserved for women only.
In order to recruit the best-qualified drivers, the company has announced a competition to find women who they can employ.

Englizi stressed that considering that women represent half of Egyptian society, it is important to ensure that they can move around in public space on the same terms as men by providing them with safe and comfortable means of transport.

Photo Credit: Egyptian Streets

Women-only buses to roll on Cairo streets

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