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A delegation of Egyptian parliamentarians, headed by speaker of the house Ali Abdel-Aal, is visiting Washington this week. Tarek Radwan, head of Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee, stated on October 24 that the delegation would be discussing issues of mutual interest with U.S. government officials throughout the visit. MP Tarek el-Khouly also said that the meeting aims to strengthen relationships with members of the U.S. Congress. The delegation will meet with U.S. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, as well as members of committees concerning foreign affairs, appropriations, and intelligence. The delegation will also hold meetings with the members of the American Chamber of Commerce to discuss Egypt’s ongoing economic reform program and other economic developments. El-Khouly said that the visit will also serve as an opportunity for the Egyptian parliament to respond to concerns voiced by Members of Congress over the state of human rights in Egypt.

As the delegation visits Washington this week, POMED is pleased to publish a new fact sheet, “Egypt’s Antidemocratic Parliament.” It illustrates how the pro-regime parliament is playing a central role in constructing the legal scaffolding of President al-Sisi’s increasingly authoritarian rule. In its nearly two years in office, this parliament has been active in passing laws that strip Egyptians of their rights and freedoms and in lashing out against critics. The fact sheet describes the antidemocratic laws approved by the parliament to date; the repressive legislation pending in its current session; and MPs’ actions and statements against democratic values and those defending them.


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