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By Coptic Solidarity
For Immediate Release
(Washington, DC) June 6, 2017 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — 

Coptic Solidarity will host its 8th Annual Conference in Washington, DC on June 15-16, 2017. The conference theme is Egypt: Combating Terrorism Without Sacrificing Civil Rights and is the leading annual policy event in Washington DC on Coptic issues bringing together top experts to share their views and recommendations.

Confirmed speakers include U.S. and foreign legislators, government officials, policy makers, public figures, think tanks, academics, media personalities, authors, NGO’s and advocates. View confirmed speaker list and program.

Egypt is undergoing a formidable crackdown on freedom of the press, freedom of association, among all other major civil liberties under the guise of combating terrorism. The homegrown attacks against Copts by Islamists in Egypt have risen to unprecedented levels in the past two years including bombing of St. Peter and Paul Church, the twin Palm Sunday bombings in Tanta and Alexandria, and most recently the bus attack on Coptic pilgrims journeying to St. Samuel Monastery.

Egypt has signaled its eagerness to form a strong relationship with the new administration. This year, Coptic Solidarity will focus on the opportunity for the US to reset its relations with Egypt making human rights a high priority while simultaneously supporting Egypt’s combat against terrorism.

Coptic Solidarity looks forward to a new approach towards Egypt by president’s Trump administration that would strengthen collaboration in combating terrorism while simultaneously endorsing a secular civil society, individual liberties, religious freedom and equal civil rights for all Egyptians. This approach recognizes that only a forward-looking Egypt can play a positive role in combating and defeating the extremist Islamist ideology that underlie terrorism and improving the stability of the region.

The Annual Policy Day will be hosted in the House Visitor Center on June 15th in room 201 from 9 AM – 5PM and the conference will continue its second day at the Key Bridge Marriott Hotel on June 16th from 9AM – 4PM, for a full day program. Register today.

A silent auction and gala dinner celebrating Egyptian and Coptic culture will be hosted on June 16 starting at 5PM at the Key Bridge Marriott Hotel. The dinner with keynote speaker U.S. Ambassador John Bolton will start at 6 PM. Tickets can be purchased on the website for $125 per person.

The conference is open to the general public and press.


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