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By Canadian Prime Minister,  Justin Trudeau


The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, issued the following statement today on the Feast of Nayrouz and the Coptic New Year:

“Today, Coptic Orthodox Christians in Canada and around the world will welcome the New Year and celebrate the Feast of Nayrouz.

“The Feast of Nayrouz—also known as the Feast of Rivers—began as a day of thanksgiving to welcome the rising waters of the Nile which provided farmers with essential irrigation for their crops. On this day, Coptic Christians gather to pray, exchange gifts, and visit with family and friends.

“Most importantly, the New Year is a time to honour all those who sacrificed so much—including their lives—for their faith during years of intense persecution in Egypt while under Roman rule. Their courage, steadfastness, and unwavering dedication to their faith in the face of oppression continue to serve as an example to Coptic Christians today.

“Today, we extend our heartfelt thanks for the many contributions Coptic Christian communities have made to Canada. We wish all those celebrating a joyful Feast, and a peaceful and healthy start to the New Year.
“Happy Nayrouz!”


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