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Coptic Solidarity affirms that the freedom to choose one’s own beliefs, to discuss those beliefs with others, and to worship in a community with others is an intrinsic and fundamental right of the human experience. Yet, many individuals worldwide are denied these most basic freedoms.

Coptic Solidarity supports Senate Resolution 69, which was introduced by Senator Inhofe (R-OK) and calls for the protection of religious minority rights and freedoms worldwide.

As S. RES 69 states, “The freedom to worship by minority religious communities worldwide has come under repeated and deadly attack, and often religious minorities are regarded as enemies of the state.”

It also states, “The freedom to proselytize by minority religious communities has also come under repeated and deadly attack in recent years through so-called blasphemy laws and anti-conversion laws that are punishable by fines, imprisonment, and death.”

Coptic Solidarity also supports House Resolution 290, which was introduced by Rep. Joe Pitts (R-PA) and calls for the global repeal of blasphemy laws in general, and in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Egypt in particular.

Blasphemy laws produce more violence, instability, and institutionalized discrimination against minorities in the countries in which they exist. They make governments the arbiter of truth or religious rightness and empower governments to discriminate against individuals and minorities by enforcing its religious views.

The US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) reports that blasphemy cases have increased in Egypt since 2011, continuing in this last year under El-Sissi. They also report that the majority who have been sentenced to prison are Christians, Shi’a Muslims, and atheists in flawed court trials.

Coptic Solidarity calls upon all concerned to join in advocating on behalf of these resolutions so that individuals worldwide are able to enjoy these same basic freedoms we enjoy in the United States. We also ask all concerned to urge their U.S. Representatives and U.S. Senators to cosponsor these respective resolutions. Having more cosponsors increases the likelihood of the resolutions being moved to a mark-up in committee and then to a vote.

There were only seven Congressional co-sponsors of H. RES. 290 when Coptic Solidarity initially wrote to its supporters. Now there are 30 cosponsors. Coptic Solidarity asks all concerned individuals to send a pre-written message to their US Representative and U.S. Senators asking them to cosponsor H. RES. 290 and S. 69 respectively.

Coptic Solidarity is an organization seeking to help minorities, particularly the Copts, of Egypt and we support those in Egypt working for democracy, freedom, and the protection of the fundamental rights of all Egyptian citizens. For more information, contact Lindsay Vessey at 801-512-1713 or


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