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The Islamic States magazine included an article in its latest issue #7 titled “Revenge for the Muslimat Persecuted by the Coptic Crusaders”


See the article here (pdf)


Accusing the Copts of being the followers of the dead (Pope) Shenouda and the supporters of the taghut (tyrant) Sisi, boasted that the Islamic State “strikes terror in the hearts of the Copts.” This presumably refers to the capture of 21 Coptic workers in Libya almost six weeks ago.


The article was concluded with this call to kill Copts: “Finally, it is important for Muslims everywhere to know that there is no doubt in the great reward to be found on Judgment Day for those who spill the blood of these Coptic crusaders wherever they may be found…”


While showing the Coptic abductees in death dress, there was no explicit mention of whether they have already been executed.

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