Coptic Solidarity Condemns Ruthless Attack on Coptic Pilgrims

By Coptic Solidarity –  For Immediate Release – PR Web (Washington, DC) November 2, 2018 Coptic Solidarity condemns the egregious attack on Coptic Pilgrims traveling to St. Samuel the [...]


Coptic Solidarity Condemns the Anti-Semitic Attack at Pittsburgh Synagogue

By Coptic Solidarity –  Coptic Solidarity strongly condemns the hateful vile anti-Semitic attack on the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh on October 27, which took the lives of eleven [...]


Coptic Solidarity Hosts Third Annual Modern Coptic Martyrs Remembrance Day on October 3

By Coptic Solidarity – For Immediate Release (Washington, DC) September 26, 2018 Coptic Solidarity encourages everyone to join on October 3, at the US Capitol Visitor Center, Room 200, from [...]


Coptic Solidarity Asserts Token Coptic Governor Appointments Do Not Comprise Equality

For Immediate Release (Washington, DC) September 11, 2018 The appointment of two Coptic governors in Egypt has been lauded as a major improvement for Copts and women’s rights in Egypt, despite [...]


Coptic Solidarity Urges Chairmen Royce and Ros-Lehtinen to Mark-up Resolution Supporting Persecuted Copts

For Immediate Release Washington, DC (PRWEB) August 20, 2018 Coptic Solidarity has coordinated an urgent campaign, requesting that Rep. Ed Royce ( R- CA), Chairman of the Foreign Affairs [...]


Coptic Solidarity Hosts International Conference In Support of Persecuted Coptic Christians

By Coptic Solidarity –  Coptic Solidarity’s 9th Annual Conference in Washington, D.C. on June 21-22, 2018 will focus on Egypt’s Copts: Faces of Persecution.  This leading policy event [...]


إضطهاد الأقباط فى الاندية الرياضية المصرية

مجدى خليل يعانى الأقباط فى مصر من تمييزا دينيا حكوميا ومجتمعيا واسعا وشاملا وممتدا ومنظما وعميقا فى كافة مناحى الحياة بما فى ذلك النشاط الرياضى وكرة القدم، وعلى مدى نصف قرن لم يشارك سوى 6 أقباط [...]


Coptic Solidarity Urges FIFA to Investigate Discrimination Against Coptic Footballers in Egypt

By Coptic Solidarity –  For Immediate Release (Washington, DC) June 18, 2018 Yesterday, Coptic Solidarity submitted a report directly to FIFA officials as well as on their new online [...]


Coptic Solidarity Conference on the Systematic Persecution of Christians in Egypt

By Coptic Solidarity – WASHINGTON (PRWEB) JUNE 11, 2018 For Immediate Release Coptic Solidarity will host its 9th Annual Conference in Washington, D.C. on June 21-22, 2018. The conference [...]


Coptic Solidarity Commemorates Third Anniversary of Coptic Martyrs

For Immediate Release (Washington, DC) February 15, 2018 Three years ago, on this day, February 15, 2015 ISIS released a video titled “A Message Signed With Blood to the Nation of the Cross,” [...]