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Two Coptic men: Salama Moussa Waheeb and his son Hany were shot (*) dead today (Aug. 30), allegedly at the hands of Islamic Jihadis, commonly termed as Daesh (Islamic State IS).


The killing took place in the area of Gelbana in al-Qantara Sharq in mid-west Sinai. The victims’ relatives said the two Waheebs had been working in their fields in farmland which they own in Gelbana.

The family is waiting for the hospital and prosecution reports to be able to bury the two men.

The elder Waheeb is father to five children, two sons and three daughters. Hany, who lost his life with his father, is 40, and leaves behind a wife and two daughters.

The years 2013 – 2018 saw a vicious conflict between the Egyptian army and armed Islamic Jihadis who had barricaded themselves in the North Sinai mountains during the post-Arab Spring Muslim Brotherhood power in 2011 – 2013.

Locals say that the army, in collaboration with the Sinai Bedouin, were able to defeat the Jihadis and drive them out of the area of Rafah, Sheikh Zuwayed, and Arish, so they fled westward nearer to Qantara and Ismailiya where the army is fighting them now.


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