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By Patrick Zaki’s Family

We do not know anything about Patrick for the past two weeks and we demand his immediate release as he has asthma.

Today marks the 45th day since Patrick was detained in Cairo International Airport on the morning Friday 7th of february 2020, and his transfer to the prosecution office after that which led to a cycle of detention renewals and transfer to different detention locations three times. But today we are expressing our anxiousness more than any time before, since the prison service department started the precautionary procedures to contain the spread of COVID-19 inside prison, we do not know anything at all about Patrick.

The ministry of interior has decided to suspend visits inside prisons for ten days starting from the 10th of March and then it was announced that the visit suspension was extended until the end of March. At the same time, no alternavites were provided to the suspension of visits such as giving prisoners and detainees the permission to make phone calls to their loved ones just so that their families make sure that their children and family members in prisons are safe and for the prisoners to be reassured that their loved ones outside prisons are safe.

Two more reasons are increasing the intensity of our fear for Patrick: the first is that the sterilization of the detention place is going slowly and in a vague manner, hence, we do not know when the sterilization of Tora prison where Patrick is detained will take place. The second reason and the most important cause of our anxiety is the fact that Patrick is asmathic which makes him one of the segments that are more prone to the dangerous complications of the COVID-19. We reinstate our demands for the release of Patrick. And we’d like to remind everyone that Patrick is detained under pre-trial detention while his is being investigated and is not a convict; so, if he will not be permanently released, it is only logical that he gets released in light of the current pandemic situation and we can make any needed pledges to guarantee his appearance in front of the prosecution throughout the investigation. And until his release, we demand to speak to Patrick on the phone at least to make sure he is safe.


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