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As Christmas and the New Year approach, Islamic State (ISIS) supporters have begun to produce posters threatening terror attacks against Christians and inhabitants of Western countries during the holiday season. Some of the posters threaten impending attacks, particularly by lone operatives, as retaliation for ongoing airstrikes on the organization’s strongholds in eastern Syria, by the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS. Others warn Westerners not to leave their homes on Christmas, while some posters specifically threaten attacks in New York City and London.

Below are examples of some of the threatening posters created by ISIS supporters in advance of the holiday season:

A poster released in English and French versions by ISIS supporter Abdallah Al-Hadhrami on December 10, 2018, shows Coptic Pope Tawadros II and a time bomb. The caption reads [lightly edited]: “You must fight them, o muwahhid[monotheist]. Don’t let them celebrate Christmas. Convert their holidays to hell.” [5]


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